Day 100 it is. Am I happy that I got through this 100 day challenge? Yes, I am. Am I sad that it is coming to a close today? Yes, I am. This is such a bittersweet moment for me.

I am so glad I did this challenge. Yes.. there was this pressure of posting every day. I somehow had to sneak in some time in between my daily chores and make sure that I had posted a song before running on an errand. Vacations and Marriages happened in between. But, beyond these trivial issues, I really loved reminiscing my music memories and sharing them here. Every morning, with a cup of coffee in one hand and a Youtube window open on the computer, long forgotten melodies come flooding in from nowhere, while I unconsciously begin humming the song of the day. Most of my mornings, over the last few months, have been happy musical mornings; thanks to this challenge.

There were days when I’ve wondered if I am spamming your spaces by posting Youtube links. Then, when some of you whatsapped and commented and emailed your song preferences, I felt vindicated about my decision to get into this challenge. And, then there were days when I’d see like-minded music lovers’ comments and feel the joy of sharing some genius’ compositions here.

Today is a big day and I literally pulled all my hair out to zero in on a song to post here. I was damn clear about one thing. That, the challenge should end with a song by the man who made me take this up in the first place. Ilayaraaja it has to be. But.. How do I choose just one beautiful rose from a rose garden that spans over acres and acres and houses only beautiful roses but nothing else?! All I can do is choose a beautiful rose; all other beauties notwithstanding. Sigh.

So, the song of the day shall be Thendral Vandhu theendum bodhu from Avatharam.

Avathaaram was Nasser’s directorial debut. A wonderful effort which bombed. But, this song just comes straight from the wonders from the Raaja Land. The harmony. The violins and the flutes. The rendition by S.Janaki and Raaja himself. Vaali’s lyrics. Combine all this and expect goosebumps. Thassall! (P.S.- I stumbled upon this video of Nasser explaining how the song was composed by Raaja saar. Such a wonderful video. Please don’t miss this one!)

Before I say bye-bye, here is a surprise package for y’ll; a playlist of all the 100 songs posted here. (I’ve tried getting the clearer versions of all the songs posted here. In case it is not, let me know and I shall replace them with better versions!) Hope you enjoyed listening to these as much as I did posting them.

Enjoy. Here’s wishing you a lifetime of music which fills you with nothing but happiness. Adieu!