Yay! Someone gave me an award. **wipes happy tears** The someone is none other than Bingo’s mum. **wipes more happy tears** This is the first award I am getting here on this blog. **wipes more..** Sorry. Over emotional happened! Thank You BM! 🙂

Anyway, here are the rules of the award –

• Display the award on your blog.
• Show your gratitude and link back to the person who nominates you with the award.
• Nominate upto 10 of your favourite deserving “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.
• Link the nominees in your post and let them know they have been awarded.
• Write 10 interesting things about yourself.


As far as I know, all the people I read have been awarded already. So, I am skipping the nominating bloggers for the award step. Yeah.. We are diplomatic like that! **wink**

Now, for ten interesting things about me.

1. I have at least about ten books on my bookshelf that are unread and yet, a fortnight ago, I went and ordered three more books. **gulp** The adrenaline rush that comes with waiting for books to arrive is just unparalleled, at least for me. From the newer sets of books, I am currently reading began reading  Mita Kapoor’s The F Word ten days ago and now even that has come to a standstill. I am wondering why my reading acumen has stooped to such alarmingly low levels. Vacations. When in doubt, blame the vacations. Heh.

2. Speaking about vacations, this is the first time in the last five years, I feel a tinge of sadness that the vacations are going to get over next week. I feel it is going to be difficult for me to adjust to the eerie silence the house will be inhabited with once the kids will be back in school. This is such a contrary feeling to the every time ‘en pasanaga school-ku poiduchu’ jubilation that I’ve always encountered.

3. I generally consider myself to be a very assertive (to the extent of being aggressive) person. But, in the last few days I’ve realized I’ve become more demure and take stress on myself rather than say a ‘no’ or voice out my opinion. I’ve been wondering why and how I’ve changed for the worse. Sigh.

4. I want to learn to ice cakes before my kids’ next birthday which will enable me prepare home-made cakes for them. I really don’t want to depend on others for cakes or anything for that matter for their next birthday. Period.

5. I want to be a cheerful person. I am a very pessimistic person and I really really want to change that. I try hard for it and succeed for sometime before my usual cynical self takes over. Sigh.

6. It’s June already and I’ve back-logged like anything on my New Year Resolutions. I am not sure if I can complete at least one-fourth of what I thought I’d do this year. I know.. I should buck up.

7. I am a morning person. I can do how much ever work in the morning but cannot keep myself awake beyond eleven in the night. And, I really can’t do any work after my dinner.

8. I have realized I can skip dinner and still go to sleep at night. I mean, I can have some fruits and milk and sleep peacefully; which I thought was almost impossible till about six months ago. But still, I can’t skip my breakfast at any cost.

9. I’ve been wanting to live in a two-story townhouse for a long time now. I somehow have been fascinated by the concept of going up and down inside the house.

10. I want to learn paper quill-ing and crochet. May be, in some time.

Yay. Once again, thank you BM. It was super fun doing this!