Instead of posting new musical discoveries, this week I thought of rehashing some old Raaja melodies that were somehow forgotten on the way. You know, not the blockbuster hit ones, but beautiful melodies which have always been taking the backseat.

First up, is Aagaya Gangai from Dharma Yutham. Like I’ve always said, I am not a big fan of Malaysia Vasudevan’s voice. I sometimes get put off by his voice even though the song is a beautiful composition. But, this song sounds so apt in his voice. And, S.Janaki also sings away to glory. I particularly love the violin interludes. Beautiful is an understatement.

Okay.. It is not necessary that a film should be good. Or, for that matter have known faces. If Raaja saar wishes to make a film a blockbuster hit, his music will make it through. The film in point is Eeramana Rojave. The movie is a dud. The hero is a man called Siva. The heroine is Mohini. I know severe #youremember feel only. Yet, the songs are all chartbusters. Be it adichachu lucky prize or Kalakalakkum maniosai or the intro song of the heroine, vanna poongavanam – all of them are such beauties. But here, today, it shall be ‘Adho mega oorvalam’ for the sheer melody. Mano – Awesome! 🙂

Next is a song from one of my favourite films – Bharathi. There is no one apart from Raaja who could’ve done justice to this poet’s words. And, imagine making some of the not so famous words of the ‘Mudasu kavignan’ ring in everyone’s lips by just adding some music to it.. Only Raaja possible.

Kaanbadhellam maraiyumendral
Maraivadhellam kaanbamandro
Naalum Or kanavO
Indha gnyalamum poi dhaanO!

Everyone talks about Mahendran’s genius in the movie Mullum Malarum. Even Superstar considers this film to be one of his bests as of date. When along with such geniuses, one is able to make a mark with his songs and BGM, then the composer is beyond these, isn’t he? With just four songs, Raaja makes a point in this movie. And, my pick, of course has to be Senthazham poovil. Very few songs have been written by Kannadasan for which Raaja has composed music. This is one of them and how!

I’ll end this day with another Superstar song. If you listen to it without knowing the actors, you can find that trademark Raaja saar stamp on it; superstar or not. Anyway, this film was a dud; Mr. Right went wrong in a lot of places! Heh. But, this song has been my favourite ever since I listened to it. Anbae nee enna from Pandian. Mano and Chithra just elevate the song with their vocals. (Trivia-Did you know that Pandiyanin Rajjiyathil was composed by Karthik Raaja and not Raaja saar?! Personally, I love Karthik Raja’s films. Don’t know why he couldn’t click like his younger brother. Sigh.)

That’s it for today. Until next Monday, keep calm and keep listening to music! 🙂