– The kids are back to school. It is nice to have kids by your side; it’s nicer to have them away for some time. I am slowly getting back to my routine; the key word has to be ‘slowly’. Reading – Check. Baking – Check. Walking – Not yet. I need to begin my morning walk routine. Two months of laziness cannot be undone in a week. Sigh.

– Last weekend was my cousin’s engagement; here in Hyderabad. The girl is from here. Right through the five hours that we were there, we were playing dumb-charades. The girl’s side couldn’t understand a word of Tamil (and very little of English!) and we couldn’t understand much of Telugu. This, despite us staying in Hyderabad for the last four years. Sigh. But, it was real fun witnessing a different region’s rituals and hospitality. The breakfast they served was the normal idli, vadai, sambhar and chutney but the chutney had the spice that we could never have dreamed of. And, the lunch began with molagai bajji! All in all, it was a fun weekend. I really can’t wait for his wedding in August.

– I baked a few pineapple tutti-fruitti muffins a few days ago and it was a great hit at home. The fact that my chocoholic kids liked it makes me all the more happy.

RM.. This is for you. Pics of the muffins –


– This summer, we’ve savoured almost all kinds of mangoes. The husband has been hunting of varied varieties of this fruit that he really really loves. Our favourites have always been Bangana Palli. This year that has changed. The husband hearts Himayat. Himayat is apparently available only in the Andhra region. It costs almost three times as that of any other variety and it is well worth the price; or at least that’s what the husband feels. I am love with another variety called Mallika. It has such a different taste from the normal Bangana Palli. Also, Rasalu tastes yum.

– It has been ages since all our earlier fish died and the empty tank was keeping us a little grim all these days. I kept postponing the purchase of any more fish not wanting to see them die just like that. But, the husband convinced me that he’d get a variety which has longer life and so, we’ve bought a couple of white fish to adorn our fish tank. Kuttan has named them Nemo and Chintu. Heh.

– I have Mostly Madly Mayil and Following Fish on the bookshelf waiting to be read. Hoping to finish reading them this week.

– I really want to go on a vacation; a proper vacation and not to Madras. But, that doesn’t seem to be happening in the near future what with the schools reopening just now and the home loan looming large over us. Sigh.

– I’ve been craving some Mexican food for some time now. I really miss Chipotle’s Burrito Bowls – what flavourful healthy yummy meals those would make. I am not able to figure out a good Mexican restaurant around. I am not sure I’ll be happy with any Mexican food apart from Chipotle, though!

– I am trying to grow some Methi and Coriander in our balcony; the operative word here being ‘try’. For one, we live in the ground floor and the lack of sunlight hampers the growth of the plants. But, the husband maintains that I don’t take care of them that well. So, this time I am not letting it die. The methi has sprouted a little but the coriander is still taking its time. Fingers crossed.