Thanks a lot all of you (okay.. all the four of you!) for participating in the quiz!

This is how you guys scored –
Bingo’s mum – 8/10
Tharani – 8/10
Srividhya – 8/10
GreenBoochi – 6/10

I really thought this one was a little difficult; but you guys surprised me. Seriously! Super work, ladies (and your husband{s}!)

Okay.. Now the answers.

1. Odambula kai irukkum, kaal irukkum, mooku irukkum, muzhi irukkum.. Aaana usir irukkadhu!
Dheena – This film has so many distinctions. It established Thala as Thala. This was AR Murugadass’ launching pad after which he went to make the cult classics Ramana and Ghajini (yeah.. I deliberately left out 7am Arivu and Thuppakki!) And, Yuvan was established as a good music director. Also, I love the sweet Laila! 🙂

2. Manbumigu kuthuvilakkai amaichar ettri vaippar.
Micheal Madana Kamarajan – I’ve just said too much about the movie already. Nothing more to say. I just added this one to make sure you guys don’t go without answering even one! Alas.. How vain I’d been!

3. Excuse me.. Ungalukku kalyanam aiducha. Yes Yes.. 15 years. Paavam unga purushan!
Alaipayuthe – Mani Ratnam. There is no one who’s better at romance than our Mani saar, no?! Sigh. A (once upon a time) handsome Maddy. A girl next door Shalini. Rahman’s beauties as songs and BGM. And, Mani saar! Romance that will never get old.

4. Nee mattum enga ammava kalyanam pannikkalam; naa mattum unga ammava kalyanam pannakoodadha!
Aan Paavam – One of the earliest intelligent comedy directors – Pandiarajan’s first film. This one dialogue proves that he is from the Bhagyaraj stable. They don’t produce such breed of writer-directors these days, do they?!

5. Unga kozhandaiya oru Onaai thookindu pona adhu dharmamnu vittuduvela? Oru Onaiya irundhu paatha dhaan andha dharmam puriyum.
Hey Ram – Story. Screenplay. Dialogues. Direction – Kamal Hasan. Enough said. No? Okay. Take this. A genius who needs to be recognized in more abundance than what he actually is. There.. I rest my case!

6. Pudikkalaina pudikkalainu sollu. Illaina, sorry.. naa foreign mapplaiya dhaan kalyanam pannipen. Nee local.. Un status pathadhu nu sollu.
Yaaradi Nee Mohini – An original SelavaRaghavan Telugu film that was remade in Tamil. Rightly with Dhanush as the lead. And, the beauty that is  Nayantara in this film. Sigh. This is a typical Dhanush dialogue. And, that’s why it is really hard to place the film. Right, Bingo’s mum? And Srividhya.. Hats off to you for getting this right.

7. Current a thotta sadharana manushanukku dhaan shock adikkum.. Aaana ****** enna thotta, andha current-uke shock adikkum! (**** – This is the name of the movie. So, I’ve blocked it out!)
Narasimha – One of Gaptun’s solid comic entertainers. Look at that punch line?!

8. Tirukkural kooda dhaan dhamathoondu.. rendu adi dhaan..Aana, adhukkulla ethana vishiyam irukku.
Aboorva Sagodharargal – Kamal’s earliest experimentation attempts. No one knows as yet as to what the technique behind the dwarf Appu is. And, look at the dialogues. Who says Crazy Mohan can write only comedy?! And, Gautami – Sigh.

9. Neenga normal person illa. Apdi irundhirundheenga na en kadhal a thooki erunjirukka matteenga!
Kakka Kakka – A very typical Goutham Menon dialogue. Super handsome Suriya. Gorgeous Jo. Beautiful camera. And, good music. Goutham’s formula is generally this only, no?! **winks**

10. Anger is the cause of all miseries. One should know how to control it. Otherwise, life will become miserable.
Padaiyappa – How can I post a quiz without even one Thalaivar dialogue?! People might say whatever they want, but I am and shall always be a repeat audience for this movie. Rajni’s makeover rocks!

Well… That’s it for this time. Until next time, keep watching more movies and keep memorizing dialogues!