– I wanted to write one big post on why I thought Indra Nooyi shouldn’t get bashed for whatever she said. Then, I realised it is not worth it. Who am I trying to convince with my post? Why am I trying to convince others? Well.. To each their own. My opinion on her interview was summed up in twitter – People who are outraging about Nooyi’s interview are either single or from another planet. Thasall! On a side note, do you know I am an alumnus of the same school that Nooyi went to? That way too, I am so proud of her!

– It’s just rained once in Hyderabad. **sniff** I am not sure why rain Gods are so angry with us this year. It’s cool and nice but where are the rains? Sigh.

– I’ve read three books over the last few weeks. The first one – The F word by Mita Kapoor is a beautiful food memoir. This is the first food-related book that I read and I really liked it. Mita has written it with a lot of humour laden in it along with so many more recipes to drool over. Then, I read Mostly Madly Mayil by Sowmya Rajendran. I becameย a big fan of Sowmya after her first Mayil but you know after the second, I think I am on the verge of starting a fan club for her. Beautiful and practical light read. There is no way you can’t fall in love with Mayil. And Sowmya! ๐Ÿ™‚

– The third book I read needs a separate bullet point. (It actually needs a separate post but I am not doing it because you know, laziness!) The book I am talking about is Following Fish by Samanth Subramanian. This book is a collection of essays on fish from various states in India. You can call it a food memoir; you can also call it a travelogue. Call it whatever, but there is no way you’ll not fall in love with fish and the book (and the author’s writing style!) There are very few people in the contemporary world who can write beautifully. The way they string their sentences will make you fall in love with the words; their writing; their language; sometimes, even them. There is no word to describe that blissful feeling you get when you read and chew on such writing. Following Fish and Samanth Subramaniam fall in that category. (Rohit Brijnath is another!) If you love English, read this book. If you love fish, read this book. If you love travel, read this book. Oh.. Just go read this book!

– Staying on books, I’ve finally managed to dust and remove the cobwebs on the Kindle that I got as a gift about two years ago. That’s right! But.. But.. I am still in a dilemma whether to start downloading books and read from it or first finish up all the paper books that are lying on the bookshelf untouched. Questions.. Questions.. Sigh.

– I am with the kids during most of their keyboard lessons. Which means, before they get hold of the notes, I know them by heart. Now, I keep singing allย the nursery rhymesย only as alphabetical notes. EDCED DDD; EEE DDD. God.. The fun filledย idiociesย of motherhood.

– I want to watch Mundasupatti. And, Ramanujan. I also want to go on a vacation now. I mean, like NOW!

– We are planning for a cousins meet in Madras sometime in August. Even the thought of it makes me jump around in joy. It’s been ages since we all met up together and I hope this time we can all make it. We are also planning for a one-day getaway when we meet. All ye wise people of Madras who read this blog, would be great if you can give me some suggestions for a good hangout for a day in and around Madras. (Please let go of Pondy.. Been there umpteen number of times. All other suggestions welcome!)