I didn’t post last week ‘cos I didn’t have anything new to offer. I thought I should listen to something new this week but my same old playlist dominated the entire last week. For one, I was really content listening to it. I didn’t want anything new. I just wanted to revel in those songs. So, I’ll just rehash those songs from that playlist which have not been featured here already. And, meanwhile I’ll try listening to something more and come back next week.

I’ve been listening to Kadal songs. Over and over again. I know I am pretty late to the party but thankfully, I mean really really thankful that I got to listen to those gems finally. I think this album Kadal  stands there right up in Rahman’s list of bests. Although Nenjukkale and Elay Keechan are the most popular of the lot, I love two other songs more than these.

One is Adiye. It is not just me but the entire family has got hooked to Sid Sriram’s voice. When we travel in our car, these days our first go to song is this. When I write this, you don’t know how happy and relieved  I feel ‘cos it’s taken this long for me to convince the kids to listen to these gems apart from their Rihanna and YoYo Honey Singh. When the entire car goes, Adiye.. Adiye.. Enna enga nee kooti pora.. I get that small belief that it is not far the kids get to appreciate Raaja’s songs too. Sigh.

The next one is my personal favourite. These days, my day begins with Moongil Thoottam. The high that the guitar pieces give you is just incomparable. And, then the lilting voice of Harini. I’ve adored her her voice right from Nila Kaigiradhu and she just makes the already beautiful song more sweeter with her voice. And then, this magician of words …

Pournami Iravu.. Pani Vizhum Kaadu..
Othaiyadi Paatha.. Unkuda Podinada..
Ithu Pothum Enaku.. Ithu Pothume..
Vaerenna Venum Nee Pothume..

Hats off, Vairamuthu sir. This song is just magic. Sheer magic. That’s all I can say.

Okay.. Now that I’ve gotten over my Kadal hangover, let me get back to my new staple addiction. Gibran’s Amara Kaaviyam. I know I did post a couple of songs already, but I have newer favourites in the album, no? What shall I do? 🙂

Mounam Pesum. The piano piece in the beginning fascinates Kuttan. He just plays it over and over again. And, I know that that piece is one that needs to get into the classic books. Also, I love this song because K.S.Chithra. What is her voice made up of?!

The next one features ‘cos of the voice crush I have on Haricharan. Also, the lyrics. Yedhedho Ennavandhu. Also, love the song ‘cos of the flute portions. Such an adorable song.

And, finally a little older melody from Cuckoo. Agasatha. I cry when I listen to it; very few songs do that to me. I think it is the combination of the violin and Yugabarathi’s lyrics that makes the song work for me like nothing else.

That’s it for today. So, what are you listening to?