First up, my recent addiction. Aagayam Theepidicha from Madras. One more newer male voice crush is Pradeep. His voice is so new and fresh. He almost finds a place in all of Santhosh Narayanan and Sean Roldan’s music these days. And, this song I love cos of the simplicity. Also, the lyrics.

Because the entire world and its cousin is talking about the awesomeness that is ‘Jigardhanda’, let me post a song from the movie. Everyone likes Kannamma Kannamma, it seems. I like the beats and all but I somehow am in that borderline of hating Antony Dasan’s voice, although his’ is being used right, left and center these days. What I really love in this album is the theme music sung by Pradeep again. Santhosh and Gibran are just neck and neck this year to bag my Music Director of the year. Uthama Villian is still awaited, though. But, I think Santhosh does a wonderful job with BGMs. Pizza, Soodhu Kavvum and now Jigardhanda. Wah!

And, because I cannot ignore the other new talented kid in the block, this song comes in. Kadhala Kadhala from Sadhuranga Vettai. Sean Roldan too is here to stay. Also, Kalyani’s voice flows like a beautiful stream. Awesome is the word!

I have one playlist in my phone called ‘Ok songs’. Half or more of those will get reclassified in the coming days as ‘kuppai’. They are that bad, really. And whatever little has got salvaged shall find a place here now. Okay?!

I am this close to hating Anirudh. For one, he somehow manages to get these novice lyric writers to write his songs which means they come up crappy lyrics. Open the TASMAC and What a Karvad, for instance. I mean, what crappy lyrics ma. Also, the singers. Most of his songs are sung by himself or Dhanush or SivaKarthikeyan or some one who cannot differentiate the three ‘la’s in Tamil. And, I HATE it. Also, he rehashes his own music. Next Harris in the making. For sure. I can’t find one good song in VIP. The only song listenable is the title song itself with the immensely constipated voice of Anirudh. And, in Man Karate, apart from the massy Manja and Darling Dumbaku, I found Un Vizhigalil listenable. I feel it would’ve worked better if Shruthi was replaced by Andrea.

Anjaan. What can I say about Yuvan’s music in this film except that it is not Yuvan at all?! Sigh. I tried to listen to these songs again and again to see if I’ve missed something but heck no.. they sounded as crappy as they were on my first listen. For the first time ever, I was not floored by Benny Dayal’s voice. And, like always I hated Yuvan’s singing in Kadhal aasai. Such a nice sufi style melody royally butchered by the off-key singing of Yuvan. Then, Ek To Teen sung by Suriya. Again, beautiful orchestration and yet let down by the singing. Had one of these Super Singer novice contestents attempted it, it would’ve been more effective. So, the only one song that got salvaged, thankfully ‘cos of Ranjith’s powerful voice is Bang Bang Bang. That’s all, your honour!

So, what are you listening to this Monday?