So yes.. We are back!

Like the entire world aka Twitter already knows, today’s post shall be dedicated to ARR’s Kaaviya Thalaivan. Subconsciously and otherwise, I’ve been humming only the songs from this film these days. And, after a hundred and odd listenings, I still can’t pick a favourite from the film.

There are some people who’ve generously helped Rahman in making this masterpiece. And the first one I wish to highlight, probably on account of him being a legend is the One and Only Vaali.  The song is Alli Arjuna. A song that runs for ten odd minutes. A beautiful composition that tells a story. I giggle every time the phrase, ‘Arjunan mogathula jollu vadiyudhu’ appears. And get goosebumps when the song ends with the ‘Nenju Porukkudhillaiye!’

Makkalukkillai Soodu;
Idhu maaberum maanak kedu;
EngE pogum naadu; Idhu
Yaamirukkum Thai veedu.

The next person who has just held the album on his own is Haricharan. Yes.. I have a voice crush on this guy and all that; but he’s just exceeded expectations in this album. He’s sung all the songs except Sollividu, Yaarumilla and the Thirupugazh bit and he’s done  fabulously well. I think the one that will get immensely popular would be the initially released peppy number Vaanga Makka Vanga. Beauty.

I generally love rock n roll kind of songs and so I adore Sandi Kuthirai with that neighing and all that in the beginning. A very Viswanathan-Ramamurthy-esque composition that takes us back in time. I know I am repeating it but Haricharan literally rocks the song.

Okay.. Next comes Aye Mr.Minor. Such a classy rendition by Sasha and again, no guesses.. Haricharan. A beautiful retro song and that background in the beginning.. just lingers on long after the song is over. And the bass portions.. pppaaahh! Rahman is such a master I say.

It seems Rahman gave up a Hollywood offer to take up this Kaaviya Thalaivan. I can see no reason why he shouldn’t because this album has offered so much scope for him. When someone from Islam composes a beautiful tune to Arunagirinathar’s Thiruppugazh, you can only lamely say that music transcends boundaries. I see how much blessed that man is to do this. Also, how blessed we are to see this happen. Vani Jayaram proves why she’s a National Award winner. My only grouse is that it could’ve been a little longer.

Now, another person who needs to be thanked for such a beautiful album is Pa Vijay. He’s done a fabulous job with the lyrics. In the midst of all what a karvads and royapuram peters, this album is such a treat to listen to. What captivating lyrics. Yaarumilla is my next pick. For the lyrics. For the Veenai in the interludes. And most importantly, for Swetha Mohan’s soulful rendition. Wah.

And last but certainly not the least, Sollividu sung by Mukesh. I am sure you know who this Mukesh is, right? The guy who sang ‘Where’s the party.. Ada namma vootly party!’ Yeah right. But what a changeover mama. No really. In Sollividu, he’s just nailed it. But I shouldn’t be surprised, ‘cos he’s the one who used to sing ‘Neeye Unakku Endrum Nigaranavan’ with Shyam in a lot of shows. (I am not able to find any good videos. This is the maximum I could get!) Anyway, talking about Sollividu, we need to talk about the lyrics. Pa Vijay is at it again. It is a song which captures what Karna goes through at the end of his life. And you already know my fascination for Karna, don’t you?! If the Karna Motcham part in the end doesn’t tug your heart, I don’t know what will!

So well.. That’s it for today. Keep enjoying music and have a happy happy week!