Before I can recuperate from the Inspiring Blogger Award, Prachee and Jay have awarded me with the Liebster Award. Yay! Thank you so much, folks. These tags prod us to blog more, erm also, better! 🙂


Then, there are rules that come with every award. Here they are –

A. Thank the blogger who gives it to you.

Thank you again, Prachee and Jay. Really really happy to receive such unexpected gifts! 🙂

B.  Answer the eleven questions he/she asks.

I’d hoped both would ask the same questions but no.. I have to answer (11+5=) sixteen questions in total.

First up, the questions posed by Prachee.

1. What made you start blogging? How is blogging different than keeping a diary for you or is it the same?

I started blogging first when I was in my first job. I wrote a couple of stories and showed them to J who thought I wrote ‘well’. Which, in turn made me start a blog. I kept writing very erratically and then, began to blog regularly after I got married and moved to the US where I was on a dependent visa. Later, I found my identity beginning to be a hindrance to express my thoughts freely and that’s when I switched to becoming anonymous. But the idiot that I was, I had my name in my url. Go on, kill me. So, I deleted that blog and then moved to an anonymous avatar with ‘changed’ names for my kids. About a year ago, I realized even with the anonymity veil, I was somehow tracked down by a few real life people I’d never wanted to know and so, I switched to becoming the Maya that I am now. Yet, I don’t remain anonymous anymore. Sigh. So yes.. I’ve had four blogs in total now. Don’t look at me like that! Now, I can safely say that I see blogging as tool to vent out my thoughts on things I consider significant.

Also, I don’t bother writing everything personal that I would in a diary, here. ‘Cos it is read by the entire world and its cousin. That’s the primary difference between a blog and a diary, in my opinion.

2.  Do you have a pet? If yes, which one? And if not, why?

Okay.. Like I’ve already said, I’ve got three human-pets which I consider enough maintenance and so do not have or wish to have any four limbed ones.

3.  Which city do you think is the best to settle down in India? And why?

I take the ‘do you think’ part seriously and go with Madras. There just can’t be two ways about it. Why? Because, Madras is not a city. It’s an emotion. **runs before the person who coined the term comes to shoot me**

4. What is the one thing that you ordered in a restaurant and it turned out to be totally yuck and expensive?

The first time I took my in-laws to Eden for my MIL’s birthday, there was one dish that turned out burnt and excessively salted. To the extent that we had to return the dish and get another in its place. But then, the hotel replaced the dish and also didn’t charge for it. Wait.. Does it answer the question? No. Okay, then.

5. If you see your enemy (or simply somebody you dislike) in a helpless situation, will you go forward and help them? Or leave them and enjoy mercilessly?

I don’t know. Depends on the gravity of the situation. I can be pretty mean, sometimes. I can also be the incarnation of a saint, sometimes.

6. Have you ever been caught by your parents doing something totally inappropriate for your age?

None that I can remember.

7. What is that one thing that you criticize publicly, but do the same in private?

Making the kids use technology. I allow them half an hour of TV everyday. The kids sometimes use the husband’s phone to play games. When we vacation at Madras, the kids are on the iPad for half a day. Yet, I vehemently and publicly criticize kids using technology.

8. Do you like water sports? Which one?

I don’t know. Haven’t tried any to know if I like them or not.

9. Have you ever thought (or actually did ) of harming somebody very badly in order to get back at them? How?

No. I leave that job to my best friend, Karma.

10. Do you fart and behave like the other person is guilty of the crime?

I used to, but the husband has drilled into me that farting is not a crime. So, I’ve learnt to own up these days.

11. Have you ever been caught by the police ( or worst locked up)? For what reason?

I’ve been caught by the Traffic Police for the expired Insurance Papers that I had while taking a left when the left was not free. Two crimes but I was left to go later. Heh.

**breathes out** Now, for the next five questions from Jay.

1. Can writing, in any form, change the way this world operates?

Of course. The Pen (okay.. the keypad, these days!) is mightier than the sword. One example, of a person who has made the world a better place is Subramanya Bharthi. And, there are way too many examples for people who’ve written just to change the world into a not-so-nice place. Isn’t it?

2. Why do the honest people face the hardest battles?

Because they’re honest. Because this world doesn’t understand honest people. Also, because they have a ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Sorry.. Was just being honest. Heh.

3. Back-stabbing Friend or an Honest Enemy, whom would you choose?

Neither. Really!

4. Are you able to keep pace with the rate of growth of Technology in this world?

Are you giving me a choice? Then, no. But, when there is no choice, there’s no headache. If I have to, I will!

5. Honest feedback about my blog – What is good? What needs to be avoided?

I believe we all blog for our own selves; well.. mostly. So, there’s no need to ask for other’s feedback. As long as we are satisfied with what we write, happy happy! No? 😉

I had so much fun answering these questions,  Prachee and Jay!

C. Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers

Okay.. All of them who I know have already been nominated for this award. So, anyone reading this and wish to take this up, please do. You can answer the same questions!