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Can you believe that we’ve been together for the last six years? Can you believe that we’re stepping into our seventh year of togetherness? I am sure you can!

But still what else can a doting wife do than to remind you of all that you’ve done for me?!

Right from our (very meager) courtship days, it’s been you who’s been steering through this relationship of ours. Do you remember standing outside my workplace waiting endlessly for me, all the while talking politics to the building security guards? That’s when the ordeal started, isn’t it? But, I am sure you know what kept me back. Limitless work. And, even in the midst of it, we did sneak in some lovely moments. And, I have to Thank You for it.

Once, we were married and away on our own, you had no choice but to relish the delicacies that I churned out! Wah. The unboiled rasams. The half cooked potatoes. The hardly curdled dahi. The Carrot halwa that became the unedible kamarkkattu. You’ve endured them all. Thank you for that.

Remember the time you made rasam for me and couldn’t differentiate between the toor dal and the chana dal? I was half asleep and you came to me for help. Being a novice myself, I mislead you showing the chana dal for the toor dal and shifted the blame on the sleep. And yet, you made some super duper rasam. Well.. I was hungry that day but let’s not get into that today. Even today, you’re the omlette man of the house. Your Egg Biriyani is my favourite. Thank You for such delicious food you’ve cooked for me over the years!

Once we became parents and my Amma left to India, you’ve never let me stay awake in the night. Kuttan was good sleeper while Ammu was the night owl. And you took charge of her from Day One. Remember the recliner you’ve rocked her on to put her to sleep; while dozing off in the middle? I’ve known the amount you used to travel then and with that, you’ve been the best dad I’ve ever seen! Thank you for being such a nice dad.

Even now, while talking to other mums, they always say that during weekends too, it is the mothers who manage the kids while the dads are busy recuperating from the work week. And, I would be the only one looking around wondering what to say ‘cos you’d be with the kids playing football outside or taking them for a swim or playing Uno with them or just like that taking them to the market. And yet, I would be cribbing to you for not doing enough. Thank You for listening to all the crap that I speak.

Last night, when I said I wanted to learn to play the keyboard, you at once made arrangements for dropping me off and picking me up from the teacher’s place. Even my dad would’ve asked me a few questions like why/how et all. The last time I quit my job, you told me to do what I wanted. Now, when I tell you that I feel bored at home, you egg me on to do what I wish to. Thanks for making me feel like ‘me’, all the time.

We are never the ‘surprise’ gift people. We ask each other, research together and then decide on gifts for each other. You’ve wanted a watch for long. When we looked for one online, you’d wanted a smart watch. However, I’d declined it saying you’re too smart for smart watch; well.. just a nicer way of saying that the watch costs a lot! And, then, we’d decided on one for you. This morning, you’d warned me that if I don’t decide on a gift for me by afternoon, I’d have to live with your choice. Intimidated by your choice, I’d asked for the entire Harry Potter set. Or, if the budget was too much, I told you that you could get me the Lord of the Rings set, instead. As an afterthought, I’d added that I wouldn’t mind if you could get me both. And before I could blink, I see an email with the order confirmation for both. Thank you for being the nice guy all the time when I’ve been the meaner one. All the time!

Despite all this, it is you who I quarrel with. It is you who I show all my frustration on. It is you who serve as my punching bag. It is you who bears my tantrums. If not for you, our relationship would’ve soured long long ago. For that, a big thank you!

Happy happy Anniversary, Husband!

Your Wifey!