Long time, no music, right?!

Here we go.. This week’s recos. (Note – I still haven’t listened to I, Jeeva and Haider and so shall post them next week!)

My go-to album for the last week has been Santhosh Narayanan’s Enakkul Oruvan.

Okay.. A slight digression here. A couple of days ago I watched Jigarthanda. Yes Yes.. That’s my Takku. Yes, like the entire world, I was floored by the film too. The layers in the film is just too much to ‘get’ in the first go. I think I need to watch it at least ten more times to understand the film fully. Such an intelligently made film! I am sure Karthik wouldn’t have been able to create such a masterpiece without Santhosh. As much as Simhaa, Santhosh’s BGM is the backbone of the film and I’m sure even Karthik would agree to this. So, what am I coming to say? That Santhosh is a force to reckon with.

Again, Enakkul Oruvan is proof. I love all the songs in the album. However, my top pick of the album Endi Ippadi. Be it the video gamish opening sounds or Santhosh’s quirky vocals, this song works big time for me.

And, on the melody side, Poo avizhum Pozhudil is my pick. You know why, isn’t it? Pradeep, of course! πŸ™‚

There are more songs I wish to pick from the album but that’s for another day. One other song that’s been on my playlist for long is Yen Ingu Vandaan from Maegaamann. I’ve generally liked Pooja’s voice from her Super Singer days and she carries off this song in style. Also, the beats – Thaman’s done a great job!

You already know I am a fan of Kaarthik Raaja right?! His recent Vaarayo Vennilave is a good enough listen. My pick of the album is Unnidam Ondrai. Saindavi. Sigh.

Imaan is back with Oru Oorla Rendu Raja. These songs are kind of growing on me. I think Imaan is one composer who is largely inspired by Raaja saar. And, this film stands testimony to that. My current earworm is Sundari Penne because Shreya Ghosal. That’s all!

Well.. That’s it for today. Happy Monday! πŸ™‚