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It’s been raining non-stop in this part of the world over the last two days. Considering what a big rain lover I am, it’s such a pity that this space hasn’t seen any rain-posts for the year yet. All it has seen has been my rants and ramblings about how rain-starved I am. Well.. To compensate that, here’s a post. But, not a brand-new one but a hand-me-down from the older blog of mine because nose-block err… blogger’s block. As they say, some thing is better than nothing. Here we go..


I come from a place which is quite close to being technically labelled as a desert. No.. Not the Sahara. Not the Middle-East. Not even California. Ada.. I am was a Madras-vaasi not so long ago pa! Where, the hot-hot weather and the humidity rules the roost for most of the year. As the (un)saying goes, there are just two seasons in Madras – Hotter and Hottest. Which means, even a drop of water popping out from the sky will be labelled as ‘showers of rain’. The celebrations would begin just then. Rain.. Rain.. Rain…

Rain, according to me, has always been a divine intervention in an-otherwise-sloppy-crappy-ordinary-sunny-day. Just watching a drama called rain unfold before me, frame by frame, will make my universe come to a standstill. A mildly whining infant called rain is born when the tiny feet of droplets try to make their way into the arms of mother earth, spreading a sweet aroma all around. We can witness this infant trying to fit into the shoes of a toddler when its naughtiness and intensity grows, which is apparent from the noise it makes and the damage it does. When the flood fury begins, we can declare without doubt that the teenage has surfaced. With a slightly mellowed down middle age and a calm and silent old-age, the poor rain-being vanishes from this earth, quite unwillingly in the fag-end of it all. (It never goes beyond children and growing up even for such beautiful comparisons of nature. Duh! Damn the mother in me!)

Literature, technology, emotions – everything takes a back-seat before nature. Is there a word to describe the drops of water falling from the heavens vying for its place to settle in on a wind-blown antsy flower? Is there any technology which can capture the image of the angelic babies called ripples that are conceived by the rain-fairy? Have you ever felt the creepy childish excitement that sweeps through your body when the first drizzle of the season hits your little finger? How blissful a feeling it is when tiny droplets of the left over rain which are perched on the trees fall with a thud on you, even long after its alma matter, a.k.a the rain, has left for its heavenly abode?

‘Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.’  Well.. Or rather unwell.. I’ve always wondered why rain-watching, similar to bird-watching, has never made it big as a beautiful pastime.

The apt environment to succumb to the guilty pleasures of life most of the time falls at the mercy of one of those rainy days. Be it just sitting on the porch and watching the heavens orchestrating an outstanding all round performance called rain-showers. Or just savouring the hot samosas and sipping the garam chai in the chill weather setting aside the calorie counts that generally inhabits the cluttered mind. Or mindlessly devouring the happening called rain, humming to oneself, conveniently choosing to ignore the wailing babies and the argumentative boss, although, just for a while. Or walking through the rain, hand in hand with a loved one, just feeling the warmth of love by having a muted conversation with each other. Or getting royally drenched for the kick of it, unmindful of the wet clothes, the fluttering lips and the impending cold and flu. Aaahhh… The joy of it all!!

Rain, to me, equals ecstasy. Its purpose is to enable us to find an erstwhile hidden treasure called euphoria. It stays over to provide the nectar called serenity. And it vanishes to make known to us, the feeling of nothingness.

The music monger in me wants to leave you with a melody on rain. Why not?? When we have Raaja and Rain, who together effortlessly, transport you to the gates of paradise…