Hello. Anybody still around?Β I’ve been wanting to be back. And, I don’t know what was stopping me. Finally, after a few reminders and cautions (thank you.. you know who you are!), here I am. What better way to come back than with music.

I’ve been listening to so much music that I don’t know what to post here and what to leave out. I know.. I should’ve been regular. Sigh.

Okay.. I’ll begin with Superstar. Has to be, no? πŸ˜‰ Linga. Pretty masalaish album, you might want to call it. But, somehow, like all other ARR albums, listening to it over and over again has made it a good one. I call it ‘good’ ‘cos I’ve never felt the urge to skip any song from a playlist. The ‘sumaar’ onesΒ are En Mannava and Unmai Orunaal vellum. The listeneable one is Indiane vaa simply ‘cos of ARR’s vocals.

The usual yet super number is Oh Nanba. I love it because S.P.B. Period. There’s just no one else who could do justice to such an energetic song. So, it finds its place here.

But, the best of the lot is Mona Gasolina. Undoubtedly. Initially I didn’t like it. It was too over the top I thought. But then, ARR. I kept listening to it on a loop and I find it awesome. Thamizhagathin rockstar Manojee has left out all inhibitions (as if he had any!) and has just given another Muquabla. ARR said that Superstar heard this song and asked him how he could do justice Β to this song on screen with such vocals by Mano. It’s that powerful.

(Slight digression here. I’ve been listening to Kochadaiiyan songs for a while now. On a loop. Yes yes.. My takku and all that. But that album needs a complete post and just a part of a post will do no justice to the genius that is Rahman. So brace yourselves for it next Monday or even sometime in between!)

Now that that is out of the way, I was expecting Kayal a lot. Imman’s last Oru oorla rendu raaja is an album I (we!) enjoy a lot. Kayal is good. But, it is kind of one dimensional. Only melodies. More like Kumki which I am not too fond of. The song that I like the most is Yengirundhu Vandhaayo. Because Shreya Ghosal.

(Other songs from Kayal are growing on me. May be, they’d getΒ featured next week!)

I never thought any song would feature here from this film. I surprise myself sometimes. Isai is what I am talking about. Music by SJ Suryah. Out of the so many other ‘crappy’ songs, this one stood out for me. So much so that I even kept humming it a lot. May be, because it is not sung by SJ Suryah. God! His vocals are worse than his acting skills. Or, may be because it is sung by Chinmayee. I even like the bit in the middle sung by Deva.

Okay.. I still have to talk about Anegan and I. But that is next week. ‘Cos I have one more song that I’ve fallen in love with so much although I’ve been listening to it for ages now. The movie is Mega. Mugilo Megamo has been raved about here already. This time I reserve the raving rights to Kalvane Kalvane. What.A.Song. I can’t believe this man who composed this song is an old bald man with grandchildren and all. He should not be more than a teenager at heart to compose such a song. What romance man! Also, Haricharan **insert that ‘hearts in the eyes’ Whatsapp icon here, okay** Sigh. He’s having the year of his career although technically Mega is from end of 2013!

That’s it for today. Have fun and happy Monday people!