Whoa.. It’s December already. Boss 2014.. where did you vanish yaar?

People who know me will also know how much I love December. December has so many things to make me happy. My mum’s birthday. BFF’s wedding anniversary. Superstar’s super day. (This year we have the Lingaa release too! Yay!) Bharathi – The guy who defined feminism long ago was born during this awesome month. Margazhi. Perumal kovil venn pongal. (yum yum!) December carnatic season. The merriness of the birth of Christ. Holidays. And, happiness. What’s not to love about December!

Today’s post is dedicated to two superstars. One, Rajni. Two, ARR. Because it is going to be Kochadaiiyaan day here.

This was an album that I took long to listen to. Some mental block, you can call it. Yes yes.. Mental being the key word! And once I got hold of it, I was blown; I mean my mind=blown. The film contains totally nine tracks. I’ll leave out three of them – Engal Kochadaiiyan (just a repetitive functional tune), Karma Veeran (the usual ARR fare!) and Rana’s dream (it’s instrumental). Now, the rest is all awesomeness.

The title song – Enge Pogudho Vaanam. Throughout the album, if there is one thing that keeps me hooked it’s the lyrics. I think this is ARR-Rajni’s best title track yet. (Ok.. We’ll leave out Oruvan oruvan mudhalali!) Violins and trumpets are majestic instruments. Those, coupled with the Vairamuthu’s lyrics and SPB’s high octaves can produce what else but majesty.

Meduvaagathan. I like this song. I don’t skip it from the playlist. I listen to it. But, because other songs from the album are glorious than this, this song doesn’t really matter. It is good and it is there. That’s all! It has more to do with the fact that I am not a fan of Sadhana’s voice. Sigh.

Manppennin Sathiyam. It took me quite sometime to digest the fact that it is sung by Latha Rajnikanth. Her voice is super good; probably ‘cos of the sound engineers too! 😉 Okay.. The lyrics kind of rile me up sometimes but given the period, it augurs well I suppose.

Manamaganin Sathiyam. This song I like the lyrics. Chivalry and all that. But beyond that, it is Haricharan who makes it work for me. My playlist has all sorts of new songs of 2014. But if I notice it a little keenly, it is a Pradeep+Haricharan playlist. That’s how much these two have sung during the year. What a voice this man has ma!

Now, the song that I like the most. Okay, relegated to the second spot just because the first one is sheer class. Maatram Ondru dhaan. This song for me is Vairamuthu’s tribute to Kannadasan. One song that I can repeatedly listen to just for the lyrics. Although Thalaivar kind of kadichu thuppifies his part. Still we love it, because Thalaivar.

Maru.. Maaruvadhellam uyirodu; maaradhadhellam mannodu.

Pagaivanin pagaiyai vida nanbanin pagaiye aabathaanadhu.

Nee enbadhu uyira, udala, peyira.. Moondrum illai.. Seyal!

Nanba.. Ellam konja kaalam!

Idhayam. This song does to me something that very few other songs can do. It gives me goosebumps. It makes me weep. It makes me give up anything – everything that I am doing to just soak in its awesomeness. Probably, it’s Chinmayee’s voice. Probably, it’s ARR’s genius. Probably, it’s Srini’s chorus. Probably, it’s Vairamuthu’s soulful lyrics. I can’t pinpoint on one thing, anything. This song is just magic. Sheer magic. It will take ages for another song like this to come. That’s all!

Every time I listen to this soundtrack (which is at least twice every day!) I wonder how it has been wasted on a cartoon film. Yes.. Brave attempt and all that but the film does absolutely no justice to Rahman’s magic. Sigh.

So, what are you listening to this Monday?