And, I am back after the vacation. Totally recharged. After a series of scheduled posts, here we are back on real time. Because it is Monday and because you have no choice but to bear me daily, here we go with our Musical Monday.

I. It’s a mystery why I haven’t posted I songs yet. Actually not. Replace mystery with laziness. Okay.. Speaking about I, the album was pretty so-so for me. Out of the seven(?) tracks, 2 were unlistenable (yeah.. I just made up that word!) for me. Aila aila and Ladio. The thing is they are very ordinary that it doesn’t require ARR to compose them. Harris Jeyaraj would’ve been enough for those two. Sigh. Now, out of the remaining five, two are reprises. So, we are left with only 3 original tracks.

First, Mersalaiyitten. There is just one reason I like this song. That insanely awesome violin piece in the second interlude. If that is not genius stuff, then I don’t know what is. Apart from that, the funky Madras-baashai lyrics and all is okay level only. Also, Anirudh’s playback. (Of course, the fact that I abhor him also contributes to the so-so-ness a little!)

(P.S. – The remix of this song automatically gets downgraded to very ordinary ‘cos the violin piece goes missing in it.)

My next one – Ennodu Nee Irundhal is just the corollary of the above P.S. I love love the reprise version and not very fond of the original. The reprise kind of resembles the ‘Moongil Thottam’ template from Kadal. A choir-ish rendition, if I might call it so. The thing is it is beautifully sung by Chinmayee and Sid Sriram. (On second thoughts, may be, Sid’s playback makes it sound like Moongil thottam!)

And, last but my favourite of the lot. Pookale sattru oivedungal. Rahman. Wonderful lyrics by Karky. ‘Aiyo ena thigaikkum Hai ena viyakkum I gaLukkellam vidumuraiyai avaL thandhu vittaL.. avaL vandhu vittaL.’ Haricharan. (My God! His Voice!) Shreya Ghosal (My God! Her Voice!) What is not to love about this song?!

Now that I’ve drooled enough over I, let me get to the other film that I kind of like the music of. Anegan. I won’t say I love the music but it is pretty bearable for a HJ composition. (Yes.. Yes.. I haven’t listened to Yennai Arindhal yet.. except the Adharu adharu single, of course. So-so that. But, that’s for next week, okay?!) A lot of people, (by that, I mean, my brother and Tharani) like Danga maari; while, I can’t stand that song. Like I CAN’T STAND IT AT ALL. I know.. Old age is showing. The lyrics rile me up like What A Karvad and Open the Tasmac. According to me, that song belongs to Anirudh; not HJ!

There are two songs that I like. One is Roja Kadale. I think more than the song itself, I like Shankar Mahadevan’s voice. It’s been ages since he sang in Tamil (he did for Kaththi recently, I think!) and his voice suits the song. The beat is catchy. Nothing else to notice, at least for me.

But, the song I like the most is Aathadi aathadi. For me, the song is inspired from Innnum Konja Neram from Maryan. Because I like the original, I like this one too! 😀 Also, because I like Tippu’s voice. Another fabulously talented singer (Something something unakkum enakkum is my all time favourite!) And, Bhavatharani’s voice after a long time seems a okay too!

That’s my Monday tracklist. What are you listening to this Monday?