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When I was a newbie blogger, I used to browse through the comments in a lot of older blogs. The warmth and the friendship in the comments used to startle me. Can there be such a close bond between two virtual friends? I refused to believe it then. Now, after about eight years of sporadic blogging, I realize it can. Today, if you ask me to point to people with whom I share every little detail of my life with, I will point to friends I made from blogs. Today, if you ask me to point at really inspiring people, I’d point towards a couple of my blog friends. Today, if you ask me to point to people whose families we are comfortable being with, I’d point to my friends from blogs.


This time while in Madras, I met the glowing girl of the moment, Tharani. She’d taken time off from work to meet me at the Sangeetha next to her office. She wanted me to meet her at ITC but I guess such extravagance should be reserved after she becomes a mother. **evil laughter** We spoke about a hundred different things in the one hour we got; but two of the most featured topics were vomit and the Ola app. Vomit was her favorite topic while Ola was mine. **ducks Tharani’s blows**

We ordered a mushroom soup, which made me realize that however bad a soup could get, it can’t get as bad as the one we got. Sigh. Then, we had a mini lunch with me constantly egging Tharani to finish the beetroot curry. What? A pregnant woman should get her share of nutrients yaa. Also, a mother of two should always be allowed to be a mother, no?! **winks** And, you want to know what she got (made!) for me –



Thank you so much, Tharani. For that meager fruit biscuit, these anklets are too much! We (as in the daughter and me) love it! She’s already made plans to flick it. ๐Ÿ™‚


About a month and a half ago. It was a Saturday. This lady pinged me.
When are you travelling back from Madras?
3rd January.
Which train are you taking from Madras?
Hyderabad Express.
Oh!ย We are coming by the same train too.
Wow. Super. Which coach?
A2. You?
Wait.. I will check!
Yes.. A2. 31, 32, 33, 35.
Ours is 34 and 36.

And, then we went silent for a while. Both of usย booked our tickets at different times. She went to the station to book it while I booked it online. And, here we were travelling by the same train, same coach and in adjacent seats. How can this happen?ย THIS WAS A MEDICAL MIRACLE! Although both our husbands remained expression-less throughoutย as if it is normal for such stuff to happen, BM and me couldn’t contain our excitement. ‘We were waiting for the D-Day’ should be the understatement of the year. We were dying to travel together!

And, the D-day dawned. We were at the station a good forty five minutes before the scheduled departure time. The kids were waiting for their friend, Bingo but they were no where to be seen. I had a feeling thatย the travelling together thingie was not going happen, after all. Then, when it was ten minutes for the train to start, arriveth the brigade. And, with that, arriveth all the fun.

I really can’t do justice to the fun we had in that fourteen hours by putting it in words here. The first hour or two were spent minding the kids; after which it went to the extent of kids minding us adults. Heh. Dumb charades, it was. BM and me were a team while our respective husbands were the opposition. People who know us will know what a formidable team we are when it comes to Tamil movies. No, really! And, people who know our husbands will know what a paavam team they are; generally and otherwise! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our opposition team came up with pretty brilliant film titles for us to enact. Can someone tell us how to enact Koyla? Wait.. Don’t forget that I am a Hindi illiterate; also a Hindi film illiterate. Sigh. Then, they gave us Aflatoon to enact. Aflatoon! Really. I should give it to BM for making me crack Aflatoon. Gawd! She is a genius. If she is an acting genius, our husbands tag team was a genius when it came to giving build-up for Tamil films. ‘Guess what.. You can never find this one!’ said my chest-beating husband and asked us to find out **wait for it** Kayal. And, we found that out in half a second. No.. I am not exaggerating. The point is neither of the the husbands knows Tamil enough to decipher the meanings of these words.

This was exactly our advantage when we asked them to enact our films. But then, their knowledge of films were equally bad too. One said Velai illa pattabhi. One said Moondram piravi. On the other seat, BM and me were collapsing in fits of laughter. According to BM, the funniest of the lot was Amarkalam. My husband tried to enact it by dissecting the words into two. He tried to die a dozen times to show Amar apparently.ย Gawd.. I am laughing out aloud even recollecting it. My favourite of the lot was Special 26. We thought there was nothing more easier than this. It was a Hindi film and apparently a cake walk for the husbands. How wrong were we! BD found out ‘chabbis’ as the second word and yet struggled to find the first word. While, my husband kept showing me to enact the first word. We were so confused and finally, when we ask him he says, ‘She is special to me, no? That’s why I was showing her!’ย No comments.

Anyway, we finally went to sleep by around 11. In the morning, we were recollecting every film that was acted out the previous evening and laughing like crazy. Even in the cab way back home, we were giggling like school girls much to the annoyance of the driver. At one point, we got scared if we were going to be dropped midย way for the ruckus we were making

And hey.. lest I forget, BM got me a spatula set and pizza cutter as a gift. Of course, she wasn’t putting any pressure on me to make pizzas, you see! Thank you so much BM; both for the gifts and also, the unlimited fun. We need to meet up soon to play dumb charades again. **laughs hysterically**