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Dear Ammu and Kuttan,

I generally refrain from giving you any advice. It might sound cliched, but I’d like you to face the world, make mistakes and learn by yourselves than having someone chalk out a plan for you. But, there are certain things that I’d like you to do; certain behaviour I might expect from you. Don’t consider these as advice. Just look at them as learnings that an old woman is jotting down for you to read. Take it with a pinch of salt; but take it nevertheless. I’ve ennumerated only a few of them now; may be as time goes by and I learn more, I’ll tell you more.

1. It doesn’t matter what your skin colour is. It doesn’t matter if you are fat or slim. It doesn’t matter which profession you choose. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientations are. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not. The only thing that matters is to respect and love yourself. Once you do that, your entire life will fall in place.

2. Treat your drivers, maids, cooks, post man, teacher, security or any random passerby just like how you’d treat your parents.

3. Learn to laugh at yourselves. Also, learn to get sarcasm. It helps.

4. Don’t dismiss something, anything even without trying it. From food to people, give it (them) a chance.

5. Ask questions. Not just while being a kid; even when you are grown up enough to need a walking stick to help you carry on, keep asking questions. That’s the only way to learn. No question is silly. No one has the answers for all the questions. No.. Not even Google.

6. Apologize when you’re wrong. It will make you (and the other person) feel good.

7. Travel around the world before you turn 30. Well.. For that, you need to save. To save, you need a good job. And to get to that good job mark, you need to be really good at something. So, your aim should be travel around the world by thirty, ok?

8. Learn to play a musical instrument. Keyboard. Mirudhangam. Veena. Even, morsingh. Learn it not to perform at Narada Gana Sabha; but, just to relieve you of your stress. Also, it will help you appreciate music better.

9. Play a sport. If that’s too much, watch a sport. While you do that, watch sports people. Believe me when I say that I learnt most of my life lessons from sports people. They make awesome role-models.

10. Dream. Keep dreaming. How else will you set your targets and persevere to achieve them.

That’s enough gyan for today, little ones. Some other time; some more. Until then, stay happy and have lots of fun!