Of course, I am talking about Visha. She extended our life, I mean our Blogathon’s life, by another day. Thank you, Visha. You are the besht. Here I am playing Volleyball with you! πŸ™‚

Here are my answers to Visha’s hilarious questions

1.List all the ingredients which went into making the most interesting dish you ate today

Jaggery, rice, moong dal, cashews and a fewΒ liters of ghee.

2. What is the current wallpaper of your laptop/phone/tablet?

My kids’ pictures in their skating attire. That’s the only way I will remind myself that they did go for skating classes for a while. But, the side effect is that it reminds me of the money we spent on the skating gear which has all been swaha-ed. **quickly changes to the phone’s disgusting square and circle wallpaper** Now, I feel better.

3. How do you wear your hair when at home?

Mostly a ‘Kuruvikaari’ type kondai. Some times, ponytail.

4. When you visit any restaurant, what is the first thing you search for, in the menu?

Something to eat, of course. **ducks rotten tomatoes** Okay.. I generally hand over the menu to the husband ‘cos I am too lazy to read through and order something. What? He promised to be with me in sickness, health and while ordering food at restaurants, no?!

5. What is the advertisement from your childhood that you recall even today.

Tata Chakra Gold ad. My mum used to love it and we (as in my brother and me) would scream from the living room while my mum used to come running from the kitchen to watch it.

6. Have you implemented a beauty tip/hack which you were told to, and been mortifiedΒ by the results?

None. I don’t trust any skin remedies. Read as, I am too lazy to try out anything which involves self-effort.

7. At your home, where do the newspapers find themselves to be the most useful?

To spread and also, sit on top of it and paint/use play dough without spoiling the floor. Although, most of the time, the floor is eventually the casualty. Sigh.

8. During a visit to any mall, what do you find yourself searching first?

Nothing. We are a mall-hating family. We go there only to buy some specific thing, buy it and get back home.

9. This tag is over now. Explain your state of mind.

Yeh Dil Maange More, Visha. Bring on some more questions. Would love to answer them!

Thank you so much Visha. With that, you’ve earned a lot of Karma points! πŸ™‚

P.S. – Happy Pongal everyone! Celebrate pongal and with that, also eat lots of it. Have fun! πŸ™‚