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Warning – Very very shallow post ahead. Read at your own risk!

… apart from my filter kaapi, is High Heel Confidential. Wait.. Don’t look at me like that! Actually, I am a zero when it comes to fashion. I haven’t used any make-up all my life. My clothes are also pretty mundane. Most of the time, salwar. I am not at all adventurous when it comes to clothing and footwear. And yet, I love browsing through this website. Why you ask..

It is something that I’ve got used to ‘cos of a few people I follow on Twitter. They keep talking about clothes, make-up and the like and immediately go about giving links from this website. So, whilst I innocently started clicking on these links and began drooling over some of the clothes (and also, the faces), now it has become a habit. Habit is a mild word. Addiction.

There are some actresses I love looking at just for their clothing choices. One such is Anushka Sharma. She always manages to score well, be it casual wear or being decked up. I think she has come back pretty well after her Koffee with Karan debacle. She looks cute too. No wonder **you know who** fell for her! 🙂 The closest after her is Sonam Kapoor. She is elegance personified for me. I love love her choices of ethnic clothing.

(This has nothing to do with HHC but one other person I love drooling over the choice of her clothes is Kate Middleton. Also, her figure, even after delivery. Sigh. She’s got this quiet aesthetic air about her. Her lace clothes are those that I love the most. And, her choice of hats brings out her imagination. She is really a yummy-mommy.)

Apart from the clothing choices, I like to admire some of their gorgeous faces. Shraddha Kapoor, being the first. My God.. What a beautiful face. It’s criminal to look that beautiful, IMO. Also, Vidya Balan. Every time, I see this woman’s face, a smile spreads on my face. These HHC guys sometimes jeer at her clothing choices but who cares.. even if she wears a Bommies nightie, she’d look drop dead gorgeous.

But what I enjoy the most is reading the comments. Ranging from outrageous to hilarious, these comments keep me hooked. Generally, my learnings about fashion and also, money are from these comments. That handbags and footwear can even cost lakhs of rupees has been my greatest ever revelation. And people buy them, really? I really shouldn’t be talking ‘cos I’d bargain a 1000 rupee bag in Pondy Bazaar for 250 bucks and move on even if the shop-keeper offers it as cheap as 300. Heh.

BTW, do you have a morning fix like me? **winks**

(ETA – I am really sorry for not adding the link to the website. Now, done!)