(Note – I don’t know to review films. I am just jotting down my thoughts here about certain films that I watched.)

PK. This HAD to be the first film that I wrote about ‘cos Bingo ki mama said so. PK is such a ‘my’ kind of film asking every question in my mind in the most hilarious manner as possible. If I had to pick two specific scenes that is still staying in my mind, I’ll pick these two. One, where Aamir goes in search of God to the hospital, picks up every new born to see if there is ‘Company’ mark. And two, where he brings five different people in different attires to the Swamiji and asks him which religion each one belongs to and then, goes on to prove each one wrong. Man.. Rajkumar Hirani just slapped us all pretty hard even though we were LoLing all the while. Also, the condom scene is another favourite of mine. Although I felt the first half had a lot of (unneeded) adult content, the latter part more than made up for it. And hey.. Sushant Singh Rajput – Sigh. **insert WhatsApp heart in the eyes icon**

Jigarthanda. Undoubtedly, the best Tamil film of 2014. ‘Kupppppaaaaaa Padam’. Heh. You couldn’t predict which genre the film belonged to almost until the end and that was the success of the movie. Bobby Simha was the besht. His hilarious expressions in the second half was awesome. Poor Sidharth seems to be playing second fiddle in most films these days. Loved the fact that most of the characters had grey shades to it, including that of Lakshmi Menon. And yes.. The biggest and the most important part in the film’s success – Santhosh Narayanan’s BGM. He is the BGM man of the moment (‘cos of course, Raja saar is not doing many movies!)

Velai Illa Pattadhari. I haven’t been a great fan of Dhanush. I still am not of his singing. Atrocious. In VIP, he’s sung all the songs. Sigh. But that aside, VIP is one of his ‘decent’ movies; I mean, decent in the real sense of the word. No cringe worthy scenes. No adult content. Dhanush, is a natural actor and this movie comes across as one happening next door; only until the second half. The second half seems to be a tribute to his maamanar; including the rudhrakaham prop and the ‘sattai illadha’ whattaman moment. Loved the natural acts of Samudrakani and Saranya Ponvannan. That too, when Dhanush breaks down after her death and his dad consoles him. Also, Amala Paul is so beautiful yaa!

Madras. Okay.. Almost everyone around me knows what a great fan I am of Karthi. That’s ok; you can close your mouth now. I firmly believe that Surya is a method actor who tries hard to act which Karthi can do so without trying at all. The thing is, poor fellow, hasn’t been choosing his scripts well. Until Madras happened. I am not a fan of serious movies but this one on caste politics is made so well, it makes you engrossed in its plot. Also, it is the reverse of the normal commercial films with action in the first half and romance in the second. It worked for me, though many found it slowing down the film. That Johnny fellow was awesome, no? My brother told me there were more claps for him in the theater than anyone else. And, like any other film of his, Santhosh carries it off single handedly. In that scene, where Karthi confronts the caste leader and pours paint on ‘the wall’, the BGM is just goosebumpy. This is one OST I can keep listening to, apart from Jigar of course.

Queen. Beautiful simple film which breaks every stereotype in films and life. I so loved Kangana’s performance as Rani. Lisa Haydon’s figure – Man, she’s awesome looking. Loved the ending where she downright rejects the guy.

Mudaasupatti. Laugh riot man, laugh riot. A village having the notion that anyone photographed would die. With that flimsy storyline, the movie running for two and a half hours with not a sagging moment is super direction. Munish Kanth, the man. Oh.. How much I laughed at his hysterics. Again, Sean Roldan’s BGM is top notch. So are his songs.

The Penguins of Madagascar. I put this down here ‘cos my son had a question regarding the movie which I couldn’t answer and hoping that one of you give me an answer. The plot of the film is this. Dave, the octopus is being sidelined in every aquarium, show, everything by the organisers because they find that the penguins are more appealing than the octopus. And, so Dave decides to kidnap all the penguins in the world and turn every one into monsters with a secret solution that it has developed. No more penguins means octopus everywhere, is its reasoning. A group of penguins (Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private)  join with the undercover organisation NorthWind to rescue these penguins. When Dave turns all the penguins into monsters, Private singlehandedly helps re-turn them into penguins. In this saga, Private becomes its own victim and retains a few features of a monster. The other penguins cheer for Private and say, ‘It doesn’t matter how you look. It only matters what you do. You’ve helped us all and that is more important than how you look’. The End.

So, the question Kuttan had was this. ‘If looks doesn’t matter, all the penguins could’ve remained monsters itself right, Amma? They could’ve done good things too looking like a monster themselves. How does it matter? Why did Private and NorthWind take so much efforts in saving them?’ Answers, anyone?