Of course, today is Monday means we have music only. Last Friday saw the release of one of the much awaited releases for Raajatards like me. Shamitabh. Okay.. This album is one that has brought out polar opposite reactions from listeners. There are people who love it. And, there are people who hate it; like hate with a capital H. Until now, no one has ever said the album is okay (except one!) I, for one, love it. May be, ‘cos people are cursing the lyrics and I don’t understand much of it. Heh.

There are totally six songs in the album. I am kind of okay with Lifebuoy. This is one song that people don’t like ‘cos of the words but am okay.. I don’t skip it from listening.

Then comes Sha sha sha mi mi mi. In every Raja album, I look for preludes and interludes more than the singing itself. There is sure to be something different in each of his interludes. So is this song. The interludes bear the Raja stamp.

Let’s talk about Thappad. It is such a racy number sung really well by Suraj Jagan. But for me, is the violins that scream out for attention in the first interlude is the highlight of the song.

Piddly. Piddly, sung by Amitabh himself, is vintage Raja. Nothing but Raja. I love the song.

Ishq e Phillum would’ve been the best in the soundtrack. Again sung brilliantly by Suraj Jagan, this is such a catchy number. You know why I love it so much, right? Bass, of course.

Why did Ishq e Phillum get relegated to second spot? ‘Cos Sannata. Sigh. What.A.Song. But wait..We know it already, right? This song is the remix of Aasaiya Kathula Thoodhuvittu from Johnny. But.. Only God can remix his own song like this. Man.. I am mesmerized even before the song begins. The prelude is awesome. The singer choice (Shruthi Hasan) is outstanding. The interludes are top class. Raja is definitely God.

Here’s the entire YouTube JukeBox for you..

Happy Monday, people! 🙂