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Mira and Sid sat across the table facing each other. As she waited for him to speak, Mira was looking into Sid’s eyes. It had the same mischievous glint which she first saw about a decade and a half ago.

Mira was ten years old, then. It was her first day of school in a new city. Mira had just moved to Chennai from Bombay, thanks to her dad’s transfer. She was Tamil by birth but only spoke bits and pieces of the language. She was really scared about her new surroundings. Slowly but surely, she walked into her classroom. And,


A paper rocket whizzed past her ear. Had she not moved aside, its sharp edge would’ve poked her eyes. Instantly, her eyes watered. May be, it was fright. May be, it was relief. She looked right into the eyes of the person who aimed it at her. It had the same mischief.


‘Welcome to Five-A, newcomer. Can I know your name, by the way?’

‘Hi, I am Mira. And you?’ She held her hand out to be shaken. He smiled his trademark smile and did a traditional namaste instead. The entire class erupted in laughter. While, Mira’s eyes watered more ‘cos of embarrassment and anger. Until, the teacher came in to rescue her.

Even now, thirteen years later, as she sat across Sid and looked into those eyes, she felt a fresh wave of anger stride through her.

‘Quick.. Tell me.. What is it that you want, Sid?’


With that, Visha will continue the story. **winks**