– Twitter brings a million perspectives to a single topic.

– From movie trailers to breaking news, it all happens first on Twitter.

– You get to make knowledgeable like-minded friends on Twitter. And, not stick to nodding our heads to old wisecracks from school.

– You can follow whoever you want and no one really cares a ***t about unfollowing someone.

– You get to learn about how fanatics of competitive political parties, competitive actors, even music directors pull down each other ruthlessly.

– You find real hilarious people on Twitter who are very rare to find in real life. I learnt ‘how to laugh at myself in tough situations’ from Twitter.

– You get to see how so many celebrities think and act in real time on Twitter. From RTing their own praises to involve in mudslinging the rival, you will get to judge a celebrity on Twitter.

– You find your favorite author on Twitter. Super, no? Wait, you can even tweet your reviews to him/her and they wouldn’t mind. And hey.. At times you even get a thank you note back. How awesome is that!

– You do not have any ‘moral curtseying’ obligation to like any status or pics or the like on Twitter. In fact, there is no like or dislike button on Twitter.

– There are no vacation pictures to exotic locales to make you go all J about it; no crawling/creeping/standing/sitting/eating pictures of babies/toddlers/husbands/wives/friends/enemies; no kaanju pona idli pics at various angles with ‘There is no other love greater than the love of food!’

– You are spared from witnessing ‘Luv u mah darlin **insert blowing kiss icon**’ in Twitter. Ha.. What a relief!


– You can tweet about your likes/dislikes not caring about what your aunt’s daughter’s MIL will think about it because what the heck, even your own MIL is NOT on Twitter. How much more awesome can it get!