It’s bed time. I read a story, tuck the kids in bed, say good night and come out to have my dinner. I am half way through my dinner when I hear voices from their room. I open the door to check.

What are you doing here? I can hear voices from inside. Aren’t you sleeping?

Oh Amma.. We are talking about movies.

(I close my opened mouth!) Movies?

Yes Amma.. About Anna and Elsa.

About Superman and Spiderman.

About Cindrella and Sleeping Beauty.

About Private and NorthWind.

(They keep rattling names and my mouth automatically opens again.) Okay.. But, it is bed time now and you are supposed to sleep.

Okay Amma.. Just another five minutes and we’ll sleep. You don’t come in anymore. Just relax and have your dinner.

Yeah right! That’s Ammu and Kuttan for you. Five going on fifteen. Sigh.


We are talking aboutΒ how Ammu and Kuttan will not be able to stay together in the same house as adults. I am trying to tell them they’d be having different careers and hence staying together will not work.

Ammu.. What do you want to become when you are bigger?

I want to be a doctor.

And, I want to be a Chartered Accountant like Appa and you.

Awesome.. See.. Then, you’ll have to go your way separately. Each of you will marry and have kids and live separately and meet at regular intervals. Like your mama and me. Like your peripa and Appa.

But, Amma.. I want to marry you!

(OMG! I am having enough with one marriage only.) No Kanna. You can’t marry your own Amma. You need to marry someone else.

Okay then.. I’ll marry Ammu.

(This is seriously getting out of hand.) No no.. A brother and sister can’t get married too.

(Ammu’s turn now) Amma.. Then, I will marry A, my friend.

But, she is a girl, no?

Why can’t I marry a girl?

(God.. I shouldn’t have started this conversation in the first place.) See.. Like how Amma is a girl and Appa is a boy, you should marry a boy and Kuttan will marry a girl.

(Kuttan’s turn now) Okay Amma.. I’ve decided. I’ll marry athai paati (athai paati is my dad’s sister who we are really scared of!)

(What the hell is wrong with this fella!) No no.. You can’t marry her.

Then, I’ll marry Kollu paati. (that’s my grandma, btw!)

(Even better!) See.. No marrying paatis. You should find a girl out of the family and marry, okay.

But, where will I find her?

You will, Kanna. Now, shall we read the book?

Aah.. The innocence of childhood. I can enjoy this for about another five or six more years, may be? And then, I need to worry about the reverse. Motherhood. Sigh.