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Thanks to Srividhya, I am surviving another day in this blogathon. Without further ado, here are the answers to some tough questions on food.

1. What is the first dish that you cooked?

I have no clue. Does making coffee count? I think I learnt to make filter coffee before anything else.

2. What is the first dish that you cooked for your better half? (If you are not married, you can tell us what you are planning to cook for him/her)?

Again, I have no clue. I think some unboiled rasam and urulai roast. I have a bad memory when it comes to pre-pregnancy days. Sigh.

3. Which food were you reserved to try first but then liked later it since you acquiredย the taste?

Many. Avocado is one thing that comes to my mind first.

4. What is your comfort food?

Aavakkai oorgai sadham. Also, rasam sadham with any kaai.

5. Which dish of yours you like the best?

Whichever turns out well! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like my paneer curry best.

6. Which dish of yours your family likes the best?

The husband like keerai masiyal. Kuttan likes Vathal kuzhambu. Ammu likes the white sauce I make for pasta.

7. What is your favorite street food?

Chaat, any. But best is dahi poori.

8. Tell us about any of your kitchen disaster story.

It was a few days after marriage. The husband called and told me that he got a promotion at work. I was that newly married enthu-cutlet who wanted to surprise him with a sweet. I made carrot halwa; okay, something akin to carrot halwa. You can actually name it kamarkattu. It just refused to come out of the pan. Till today, I am wondering how a simple carrot halwa became as adamant as that!

9. Any one or two food confessions ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Chocolates. I eat chocolates when the kids are at school and when they come back, again keep a sad face and ask them to share it with me. Basic-a, chinna pullainga kitta kooda pudingi thimben nu solla varen!

10. Apart from basic stuff, like milk, yogurt, veggies what you have in your fridge or in pantry? (Name any 3 items)

Idli maav. Sambar and rasam powder. Ketchup.

11. Any food related or cooking resolutions for this year?


12. In our custom when you goto Kasi, you need to give upย one of your favorite veggie and fruit. So you cannot eat that veggie or fruit from then on. Which one you would you give up? (It should be your favorite one)

Veggies – Onion and garlic. Fruit – I am okay with anything. Nothing is a firm favorite.

13. You need to prepare a 3 course meal for a party? What dishes will be there in your menu?

Mushroom soup. Paneer tikka. Phulka. Gobi kheema. Baby corn korma. Vegetable pulao. Onion-tomato raita. Carrot halwa.

Done. Anyone in short of posts, please take it up. It is fun! ๐Ÿ™‚