… To order some pizzas and cheese sticks for dinner instead of cooking at home;

… To stay unusually silent and not go jabber jabber jabber;

… To not do the laundry folding but let the cloth pile rest on the bed;

… To let the kids watch television for more than the specified time;

… To not apply the moisturizer and let the dry patches show ‘cos you are too lazy to get it done;

… To keep reading a book that is so engrossing ignoring all the motherhood callings;

… To not pick phone calls because you simply are not in the mood to talk;

… To fight with the husband for the remote;

… To write such a crappy post and get away with it because blogathon. Crie.

(I am so sorry for such a pointless post. I am **this** close to giving up but trying hard not to disappoint myself and Seema by doing it.)