More like random ramblings on a Thursday. Because, it’s only 3 more days to go and I don’t want to give up.

 – After close to a month and a half, I’ve started my morning walk. The chill is slowly coming down and it’s nicer in the morning. I realize how much I missed it only after recommencing this activity.

 – Federer lost in the third round of the Aus Open. I was watching the second round match that he played against Bolleli where he came back from one set down to win the match. I was hoping he’d do the same with Seppi too. But, alas. Sigh. I don’t think I can put in words as to why I miss watching Federer play. But, one man can. Rohit Brijnath. Beauty is the word.

 – I am slowly coming to admire the mute function in Twitter. How nice would life be if there was a mute button in real life! When a group of friends (or family) talk about something you don’t wish to listen to, just mute them for a while. And, yet you get to know what they were actually talking about. Win!

 – A couple of days ago, I was watching the interview of Indu Mukund with Barkha Dutt. Okay.. I tried watching it but tears were welling up and didn’t let me watch it. I heard her right through, though. We talk about strong people; here, you can see one. And, she derives all her strength comes from love. Salute.

 –  Last weekend, I (was forced to) watched Jolly LLB. I kind of liked the film. Slow movie but okay to watch. I liked that judge character a lot. Such ease in acting. I got reminded of my manager from previous office with the same kind of demeanour. I later wikied to find out that Saurabh Shukla got a National Award for that role. Well deserved, I should add.

 – Two people I follow on Twitter are getting married to each other. That is, they met on Twitter and now, are getting hitched. I haven’t interacted with them much. Just some retweets, favorites and a couple of conversations and yet, I feel so happy for them. Reluctantly, very reluctantly, I agree that social media has its benefits, too! 🙂

 – Talking about love stories, have you seen this one between Modi and Obama, yet? Man.. I haven’t laughed so much in my life. Wait.. I have. This one between Kejri and Kiran is even more hilarious. Buzzfeed rocks!