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Day 31 it is. Has to be Super Saturday, no?!

When Seema pinged me to ask about the marathon, I was very very apprehensive about joining in. The pressure of writing day after day overwhelmed me. Yes.. We had done it twice already, but that doesn’t make it any easier, does it? Just like having a first child already doesn’t make it easy having a second/third one. Sorry. Bad one that. Then, why did I agree to it? I mean, agree to the blogathon and not having the third child, okay? Frankly, I don’t know the answer.

If the thought about the blogathon was overwhelming enough, living through this one month was equally stressful. At one point, I was sitting and staring in front of the blank screen and wondering who to curse or what to outrage about. Because that’s the easiest thing that comes to us me, no? None of the kids behaved badly to provide fodder for post. No mother was judgmental. Heck, this month no one even invited us to any birthday party.  Where to go for the outrage yaa?

At one point during the marathon, I was typing posts (in my head) even while walking to pick the kids up. I was WhatsApping friends to look for fodder for posts with one hand and chopping carrots with the other. I was browsing through Twitter in the loo. With all that screen time, I came across an article pointing out the symptoms of depression. I read through it as usual. That’s when it dawned on me. Not feeling like doing any housework – Check. Feeling like sitting and doing nothing all the time – Check. Takes an effort to get up from the bed – Check. God. Was I having all the depression symptoms? (That’s called laziness actually, but we shall ignore that for the time being, okay?) But wait.. along with it, I was constantly glued to the computer or phone. God.. I was dying of depression plus ‘something else’!

Then I realised that ‘something else’ was just a technology overdose. Hah. I wasn’t going to die after all. (And, you thought you could be spared of my torture, didn’t you?! Tough luck that!) So, I tried to go on a tech detox. I kept myself off Twitter. I timed it impeccably well even if I say so myself. You know, next month with the World Cup and all, I am sure I can’t refrain from the fun that is Twitter. So, I am off Twitter now but only for some more time. Who wants to miss all the fun! I muted a few WhatsApp Groups I was a part of. And, I started having withdrawal symptoms. So, I unmuted a few of the few. I uninstalled the WordPress App from my phone. That’s the reason why I stopped commenting on others’ blogs although I kept reading them day after day. ‘Cos of that, the unwritten law of the blogging world took effect. ‘The number of comments you get in your blog is directly proportional to the number of comments you leave on other blogs’. In Hinduism, we call this Karma. The lack of comments left me even more depressed. **keeps a sad face** The inference is this. Tech detox isn’t the cure to depression.

When this Blogathon began, I promised myself that I will write less of personal posts and more of ‘naatu nadappu’. Not that I suddenly became JaiHind Arjun and all, I just wanted to maintain a bit of privacy ‘cos the kids were becoming beeg. That was the reason my mind gave. But, there was another genuine reason. I was becoming too narcissistic even for me to bear. Just scroll up and count how many ‘I’s and ‘me’s are there in this post? All of you okay or have you fainted already? See. I have only konja nanja readers and I don’t want to lose them too, right? So yes.. My personal posts came down. But they didn’t stop completely because old habits die hard.

What am I coming to say, you ask. Well.. In about 600 odd words, I am just saying, the Blogathon is over and I sailed through it. Yes yes. I was the topper in History exams in school. Thank you Seema for all the effort you took in getting people on board. You are awesome but you know that already, right?! But hey.. before all of you go, here is a Kuttanism ‘cos old habit.

Amma.. I am going to give you all my lies.

Ein? Give me all your lies?

Yes.. And, I’ll be free of all lies.

What was that, Kuttan?

Aiyo Amma.. It comes in that song no? ‘And I will give you all my lies!’

God, Kuttan. That is, ‘And I will give you all my life!’

(If you’re wondering, he’s butchering the lyrics of this Boyzone song that I love a lot. Words!)

Ciao, peoples. Have fun ‘cos I’ll not come back to torture you tomorrow. But then, this is only a temporary respite, okay? So be good and behave well. I will be back in some time. Jakradhai!