So, it shall be Kuthu Monday just because.

Okay.. I have kind of fallen for the Danga Maari trap. These days it is a given that my day begin with this song. May be, cos of the quirky lyrics. Or, the catchy music. Or, the way it is sung by Dhanush. (There I said it!) Or, it could be a combination of all the three. I also think I was tired of listening to its perumai from Tharani and my brother and just starting liking the song. (Tharani.. Stop laughing NOW.) Yeah whatever. Danga Maari is good, okay!

Now that danga maari is out of our way, let’s talk about some older kuthu songs. First namma Thalaivar song. Vethalaya pottendi from Billa. (Not the remix from Thala’s Billa but I also kind of like that too!) That  polka-dotted Thalaivar suit and the style – no one can ever beat Thalaivar ma.

If Rajni is here, Kamal can’t be far, isn’t it? Of course has to be Singari sarakku from Kakki Sattai. I like Kamal alright, but this song is totally totally owned by SPB. What.A.Man.

Okay.. Next one is for Raaja saar. Thanni Thotti from Sindhu Bhairavi. IMO, no kuthu song list can be complete without this song. Trust only Raja saar to use KJ Yesudas’ voice for a kuthu song.

And, the last one for Raja saar’s son – Karthik Raja. I am a big Karthik Raja fan although he doesn’t make many films these days. His initial films (Dum dum dum, Ullasam, Naam iruvar namakku iruvar) all have some really good music. Well, today’s song is Kaasumela from Kadhala Kadhala. Again quirky lyrics, different vocals and catchy music makes this an adorable song. Also personally, I have a lot of nice memories associated with this song.

I know there are a lot more good ‘kuthu’ songs but that is for some other day. With that, have a happy week y’all! 🙂