(Note – I am just going to link the GoodReads blurb for you to read the plot of every book to be mentioned here today, ok? This is not going to be a review post; just a what I felt about every book post. That’s all!)

I have no one but Anuja to blame for this. Because it all started with her ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls‘. It was a Monday and quite naturally, I was suffering from a headache. I told the husband I will not pack dabba for him and downloaded ‘Those Pricey Thakur girls’ on my Kindle and curled up on the sofa. Thank God, that day saw no visitors at our house. I ate leftovers; fed the kids bread for lunch; postponed doing the laundry (what’s new anyway!) and yeah.. of course my headache vanished just like that.

This book is set in the eighties which instantly attracted me to it. As usual, it was hilarious. Wait! If I didn’t have a soft corner for The Zoya Factor ‘cos I read it first, I’d have said this book is her best. Well, I can still say that this is ‘also’ her best. Anuja’s books should come with a statutory warning – Do not attempt to read this book in public places for you might be deemed a lunatic. Even now, when I am down (or at my inlaws’ place, LoLJK ok?) I start reading up the best parts of Anuja’s books and instantly start ROFLing. Seriously! Sample these from this book – ‘Children in houses across the country have been known to burst into tears on hearing the DD theme music play.’ And, ‘And that logo-its like a massive unwinking eye-I think it’s a conspiracy to mass hypnotize the whole country into mindless submission’. Man, she’s hilarious, eh?!

I’ve been to Delhi a few times but Anuja, with her three books, has made me fall in love with the city. I wish someone could do this to Madras and make all the Madras-haters like the city. Sigh. And then, the romance in her books. Debjini and Dylan in this book. Hmph. I still don’t know who I like better – Nikhil Khoda, Maruti Zain or Dylan Singh Shekawat. But wait, her sequel to this book with Samar in the lead is coming up. Yes, one more guy to crush on! Sigh.

So, when I was raving about Anuja on Twitter, Smitha suggested Jill Mansel to me. And, I really can’t stop thanking her for that. I’ve absolutely started loving her books. I’ve read two Jill Mansel books till now. ‘The Unpredictable Consequences of Love‘ and ‘Don’t Want to Miss a Thing‘. What I observed about both the books are that they have a very strong and likeable female protagonist, which is what draws me first to her books. There is a back story to each of them (sometimes, a little melodramatic!) which is slowly revealed in a pretty light hearted way. Also, in both the books, apart from the protagonists’ stories, there are other sub plots (friends, relatives etcetra) whose stories are equally charming and likeable and a little romantic too. The other thing I really liked about the books were Mansel’s portrayal of the English countryside. In fact, I loved it. I am sure the next time I need to cheer up, I’ll pick up a Jill Mansel book!

And, finally Sophie Kinsella. I’ve already written about my rants on her ‘The Undomestic Goddess’. The other books I read of her are ‘I’ve got your number‘ and ‘Can you keep a secret?‘ Okay.. I liked reading her books. No doubt about that. Just half a day reads which are really hilarious. But. But, I have reservations about her characters; particularly female characters in both the books. She portrays them as plain dumb, which is annoying. For instance, what would you do when you lose your phone? Definitely not pick up another one from the trash, at least. And, certainly not continue using it in turn becoming someone’s personal secretary. So, there.

Also, sometimes (most of the time, actually!) the drama in her books kind of overwhelm me. They are too over-the-top and not-at-all practical. All that said, her books did keep my interest going. They helped me recover from the serious books that I was reading in between. The books were downright hilarious; it also helped that the romantic in me who yearns for happy endings was left satiated in the end. So well.. You want a quick read with no logic and only fun, go for it! 🙂