Vaginal delivery or C-section?

Breast milk or formula?

Co-sleeping or sleeping alone?

Working mother or Stay-at-home mother? (Also, working father or stay-at-home dad?)

Nanny or day care?

TV or books?

Cry-out-loud or cuddle-before-crying?

Sand play or video games?

Engineering or Arts?

Pacifier or cry out loud?

Pocket money or empty pockets?

Maggi or Idli?

Diapers or Floor/clothes (yours!)?

Short hair or long hair?

Home remedies or antibiotics?

Zumba for you or Kumon for the kids?

Birthday party at home or birthday party at Pizza Hut?

Tiger mom or Helicopter mom?

This or that?

It’s not about ‘which is better’; it’s about ‘what works for you’. That’s all there is toΒ parenting!

(P.S. – This post is inspired from a conversation I had with summerscript.)