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(The last few days have been really hard on us. With newer decisions to be taken every alternate day and going back on those decisions as swiftly as they were taken, life has been a roller-coaster. Not exactly. I would call it a treadmill. We thought we were going somewhere but ultimately, we decided to just stay put wherever we are. I know this sounds very abstract but I don’t even know if our final decision is just final yet to divulge anything here. Once it becomes final, wait.. in case it becomes final, I promise to tell you what it is about. Just wanted to get this out of my system. Thank you for listening.)

Well, that cryptic rant aside, on being thankful…

One wise person said, ‘If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘thank you’, that would suffice.’ Our own wise-old-blog-elf (the reference is from Ben and Holly, a British cartoon series for kids, no hard feelings Revs!), Revs has this super duper SPIL series up and running on her blog. I’ve been meaning to jump into it too for quite sometime now. And, the final ultimatum came when I met that ‘special someone who needed to be thanked for immediately’ last Friday, probably for the last time in our current capacities. Me, as a parent and she, as a teacher.


This was a name I have uttered at least a few hundred times in the last two years. She is my children’s kindergarten teacher (or, should that be was?)

The person responsible for Ammu and Kuttan’s love for school. The person responsible for releasing a big weight from a mother’s chest by taking care of my kids as her own. The person who was more a friend to the kids (and to the parents) than a teacher. The teacher I never had. The friend I will always have.

I have already written about how she helped hone Ammu’s story telling skills here. 

And here about how she helped us get through with Kuttan’s stuttering problem.

This was what she gave others. But.

She has gone through so much in her life already. She is a single parent (her husband died a few years ago in an accident) raising her daughter who is just two years older than my kids. Then, her last year was made so miserable (I wish I can tell you what and why!) by a certain parent where she was almost on the verge of breaking down completely. Thankfully, she came out of it slowly but surely and continued to do what she did best – spread love.

When I met her last, she was talking to us parents about how ‘her’ children are the bestest. That twinkle of pride in her eyes as if she spoke about her own daughter told me what purpose in life is all about. When she hugged me to bid adieu, I swiftly walked away not sure of the emotional me making a scene in front of kids.

S, I know you are going in search of newer pastures this year. All the best for that.

S, Teachers may come and teachers may go, but you’ll be the bestest Ammu and Kuttan ever had. You’ve been a great listener and a wonderful friend for me. Like you kept saying, I have your number and I am sure I will dial it when I am at crossroads; any. Thank you seems such a frivolous word but I shall make do with it for now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.