Samaira is a little chocolate coloured girl who meets a purple coloured lady called Anahi. Anahi wants to change Samaira into a shade of white. How Samaira responds to her forms the rest of the book.

That’s all is the entire book about. But.

Will you believe me if I say this is the bestest book I’ve read this year. Yes yes.. It is for kids but I think it is a brilliant book even for adults.

Possibly because it talks about my pet peeve. Being brown.

Possibly because it has so many colours in it. Purple. White. Brown. Orange. Green. Blue.

Possibly because it doesn’t conform to any rules. The sea is green. And, the crow is orange.

Possibly because it has lots of yummy food. Chocolate. Black forest cakes. Tea. Coffee. Cinnamon. Murukku. (all brown if you observe!)

Possibly because of the brilliant illustrations. Samaira was so so beautifully portrayed. And, so was the chocolate milkshake.

Possibly because I read too much into the Anahi character. So much so that I equated her with the fairness cream manufacturers coaxing dark skinned people into ‘whiteness’.

Possibly because I want my kids (at least!) to be as articulate and confident as Samaira from now onward.

So yes.. If you have kids, you must read out this book to them. Oh wait.. Even if you don’t, this book is a brilliant read even for yourselves.

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