Last year when the 100 happy songs series was about to end, Rrmom wanted me to start 100 romantic songs. I told her I will take a break and get back but somehow the break stretched to about a year. Anyway, because I am from the ‘naaku thavarinaalum vaaku thavara maatom’ clan, I thought I will honour my commitment now.

So, ladies and gentlemen (that is, if any gentleman reads this blog!) presenting to you **drumroll** 100 romantic songs.

Like it is always the norm here in this space, any music post should compulsorily begin with Raja. More so romantic songs because no one can bring out the romance in you like Raja does. If you take the best of the best romantic songs in the world, I am sure today’s song will feature in it.

Sundari kannal oru sedhi from Thalapathi. There’s so much emotion in this song that its magic needs to be experienced. The savage nature of war. Love. Pain. Reassurance. Every damn thing is there in this song. How effortlessly Raja transitions from war to romance. Everytime, when SPB goes ‘naan unai neenga maaten.. neenginaal thoonga maaten’, I end up getting goosebumps. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

There are too many heroes as far as this song is concerned. Raja. Vali. SPB. S.Janaki. Mani saar. Santhosh Sivan. Thotta Tharani. And of course, Superstar and Shobana. Every one of them have given their best and it clearly shows.

(And hey.. if you want to know what a BGM God Raja is, just watch this scene where Rajni meets Shobana in ArvindSamy’s house where the violin version of this song is used. Raja is God!)

I hope you like this 100 romantic song pact. Have a lovely week, y’all! 🙂