I went and searched my archives at least five times to make sure I haven’t posted this song already. It is such blasphemy that this song hasn’t appeared here in this blog.

I am talking about Sandhana thendralai from Kandukondein Kandukondein.

There is just so much romance in this song. Be it, Vairamuthu’s lyrics which indeed is the highlight of the song.

‘Nee ondru solladi pennE;
Illai nindru kolladi en kannE;
Enthan vazhkaiyE; unthan vizhi viLimbil ennai thurathadhe uyir karaiyeradhE!’

Or, Rahman (who, apparently on VM’s request made sure the lyrics in all the songs in this film are actually audible enough to be deciphered.) who’s given a killer tune.

Or,Β Shankar Mahadevan’s soul stirring rendition.

Or, Rajeev Menon telling a beautiful story in a span of five minutes and in style! It’s a pity he hasn’t been directing as often as he should be.

Or, Ajith (with those ‘extremely loose’ clothes) and Tabu (who looks gorgeously nice!) with those killer expressions.

There’s nothing not romantic about this song!

This song is my Amma’s favorite. Every time, even now when this song plays on the TV, we call her (from wherever we are) so that sheΒ can watch it. One of those kudumba paatu types for us this! πŸ™‚

This film itself is one that I can never forget. It released right after our eleventh standard exams and our group of four from school went to watch this movie for the first time without adult supervision. This was a time when Vikram was dubbing for the likes of Abbas and all which shows how unfair life can be sometimes. Sigh. That aside, I think this movie was one of the last few onesΒ where Mister Ajith Kumar actually looked handsome. **runs for life**