I was off for three days and no one missed me! **bawls** But don’t you think I will spare you people. Never!

So, it’s been four songs already and not ONE of the man who is considered the most romantic actor of Tamil cinema. Sigh. Yes yes, I am talking about Hassar only. So, today’s song of the day will be Idhazhil kadhai ezhudhum from Unnal mudiyum thambi. SPB and Chithra – need I say more?! Today I learnt that it was Gangai Amaran Kavignar Muthulingam (Thanks Janet for pointing it out!) who wrote the lyrics of the song (I was all the while thinking it was Vaali!)

Naalum Nilavadhu Theyudhu Maraiyudhu
Nangai Mughamena Yaaradhai Sonnadhu
Kaaman Kanaigalai Thaduthidave
Kaadhal Mayil Thunai Ena Varugiradhu

The song has some beautiful visuals what with super smart Kamal and the gorgeous Seetha. So, here’s something to combat your Monday blues. Enjoy! 🙂