It has been a hectic day already. Woke up at five. Accompanied mother to temple for abhishekam. Realized my debit card has been missing for the last few days. Blocked it and got a new one. Took the son to the dentist which thankfully resulted in no additional procedures. All this in Madras veyil which has made me go mental. Which means today’s song of the day will be Mental manadhil. Also because the very sweet Tharani wanted this song and how can I not honour THE Tharani’s request!

I got hooked to this song the first time I heard it. That’s a first for any ARR song till date. I must’ve listened to this song more than a hundred times now. ARR thankfully has broken away from his ‘ezhuchi padalgal’ mode and in style I should say. (I like the female version a tad little lesser than the male one!) And Mani saar’s (and ARR’s) lyrics are super trendy and super cute and super erm romantic. (BM feels this one is not so romantic as Sinamika but hey, this is also romantic only yaa!)

Enjoy maadi!