Okay.. Today will have a neyar viruppam. And, this sweet neyar was very upset with me ‘cos she felt I never honour any of her requests. **keeps one paavam face**

She wants vinmeen vidhaiyil from Thegidi. Why not? Because it has got amazing music by Nivas K. Prasanna. Because it is beautifully sung by Abhay Jodhpurkar (one more voice crush fellow from Moongil Thottam!) and Saindhavi (why isn’t she singing much these days? :() Because it has super romantic lyrics from Kabilan.

Naan PEsaatha Mounam Ellam
Un Kangal PEsum
Unai Kaanatha Neram Ennai
Kadikaaram Ketkum
Manal Meethu Thoorum Mazhai PolavE
Manathodu Neethaan Nuzhainthaayadee
Muthan Pen Thaanae Nee Thaanae
Enakkul Naane EerpEnE

Also, because one number blog friend has a beeeg crush on this Ashok Selvan guy. And, I have a girl crush on Janani Iyer. (those eyes. sigh.)

Here we go, summerscript. Tekkit. I hope I made you happy and romantic! 😉