Today is neyar viruppam day again. Bingo’s mom wanted Kadhal sadugudu from Alaipayuthe.

Can there be a better romantic song to feature here?! The visuals are such a treat to watch; thanks to Madhavan, Shalini, PC Sriram and Mani saar. And, the song.. sigh. Don’t know if it is Vairamuthu’s lyrics. Or, Rahman’s music. Or, SP Charan’s voice (I am not a big fan of his voice but in this song, he nailed it!) Or, the visuals. Everything together gives such happiness to us.

While browsing through the Wiki page, I learnt this  – A. R. Rahman was initially signed on just to compose the background score for the film as the film was originally planned to be “songless”, however after a change of heart, nine songs were recorded. Thank God for the ‘change of heart’. That’s all I can say!

Enjoy. Happy Friday, y’all! 🙂