Today is black and white day. The movie is Then Nilavu. I have fond memories of this film. My appa is a great fan of Vyjayanthimala. He thinks she was the most beautiful woman of her times. Well, I wouldn’t agree with him and so he made me watch this film to prove his point. I still don’t agree with him but I kind of liked the film, particularly the Kashmir scenes. But what I really loved about the film was its music.

The film has music by AM Rajah and he’s sung all the songs (which has male portions). The film has seven songs and all of them are chartbusters. Out of the seven, I love Kaalaiyum Neeye. This song apparently was S.Janaki’s launch pad and she couldn’t have got it better. The song is shot in some really scenic locations. While Vyjayanthimala does some really graceful dancing, Sambar (in other words, Gemini Ganesan) goes around giving some romantic-looking expressions which are actually hilarious to watch.

Enjoy. Happy weekend.