I think I was in my college. One fine day I switched on the TV and they were playing this movie on TV. I had heard (and seen) the songs from this film and love them. (Who doesn’t, anyway!) For the lack of anything else in other channel, I continued to watch the film. I was appalled seeing the movie. Such whatsoever no storyline and shabbily made movie. And yet, the film was a hit. Simply because of the music; or rather the magic of Raja.

Ninaivellam Nithya is the film. Karthik and Gigi (Gemini Ganesan’s daughter. This was her only film!) were ok. But the film was like some college project presentation than mainstream cinema. It was more amateurish than Nalaiya Iyakkunar films. Sigh. And, for THIS, Raja has given such awesome music means, what to say yaa.

I don’t know which of the three songs (that I love) to feature here today. I love Nee thane en PonVasantham but after Goutham’s film, I like the newer version of his film better. (There, I said it!) I also love Pani vizhum malar vanam but what I really LOVE is Rojavai Thaalattum Thendral. The initial humming by SJanaki generally stirs an emotion in me that only Raja can. And, SPB – nothing to say that has not been said already. Also, this was Raja-VM’s last few songs that got released in their combo.

Vasanthangal Vazhthum Pozhuthu Unathu Kilayil Poovaaven
Ilaiyuthir Kaalam Muzhuthum Magizhunthu Unakku Veraaven