Because I am still on a Uthama Villain hangover even after three days of watching the film and there has not been a Gibran song for such a long time here and also because the music in the film is totally God-level, we shall have Kadhalal Kadavul Munn today.

There are just so many opinions and posts about the layers of Uthama Villain that are floating around across the web. SO MANY that I doubt even Hassan sir would have considered all this a probability. Honestly, I just sat through the film and enjoyed it for what it is. And, after that when I came home and read through the posts, I realized how much Kamal has packed into the film. (No wonder it ran for 3 hours; thankfully, the one I watched was trimmed by a good 25 minutes!) His haters call it vanity; his lovers call it intelligence. Whatever it is, it was enjoyable. Nasser, Urvasi, Pooja Kumar, Andrea, Parvathy Menen, MS Bhaskar and that kid as his son – all of them have done a neat job although (like usual) KH doesn’t give much scope for others and fills the screen from minute one to minute end.

Beyond all this, if there is one person who needs appreciation and mention, it has to be Gibran. I’ve said it so many times and will say it so many times again, WATCH OUT FOR THIS MAN. I am not sure how good the movie would’ve been without his music. Yes yes, the (Raja) Mafia is lamenting a lost opportunity. And, I am sure ARR would’ve done a good job too. But Gibran has been stupendous. The BGMs and the 8th century drama portions are a treat to any music lover.

Anyway, here is today’s song. Happy Monday, y’all! 🙂