So many days and no song sung by Raja saar yet, no?! Today, we shall make amends with Indha maan from Karagaattakaaran.

The film itself is such a trendsetter. Be it, for the number of days it ran at the theaters or the Gounder-Senthil bits which are howlarious even today or for Ramarajan’s lipstickky karagam dance moves. This is an immensely likeable movie. But, the best thing about the film is of course, Raja’s music. Every song in this film is such a treat. Manguyile Poonguyile with its simple tunes. The sad yet romantic Kudugu malai. The peppy teasing Ooru vittu ooru vandhu. They are all super songs. But, my bestest of the lot is Indha maan.

For one, Gangai Amaran’s lyrics are wonderfully nice.

Velvizhi Podum Thoondile, Naan Vizhalaanen Tholile
Noolidai Theyum Noiyile, Naan Varam Ketkum Koiyile

And, when Raja goes Anname in the first charanam, it is almost certain that I get goosebumps. Man.. This man’s voice has some magic. Also, Chithra. Like my amma says, she must have done paal and then abhishekam to be endowed with such a sweet voice.