I am so sorry for going AWOL for the last three days. There’s been so much confusion happening in the personal front right now, that I wish I can time travel forward to a few months (yeah. only few months okay!) to see what’s in store. Sigh. Well, that crib-story aside, I hope to be regular here going forward.

Today’s song choice is by VJ. Thank you, VJ for prodding me out of my blog-slumber and suggesting a song as well. Kadhalin Deepam Ondru from Thambikku Endha Ooru. I can’t believe I haven’t posted this song already in the blog. This can be classified in the ‘eternal love songs’ category. Everything about the song is romantic. Raja’s music. Panchu Arunachalam’s (TIL!) lyrics. (Ennai naan thedi thedi, unnidam kandu konden!) SPB’s rendition. That humming in the beginning. Ppaaaah level only. And besht of all, Superstar’s style. That walk. That flicking of hair. That hands-in-pockets. Seriously, style ma.