Today is a special day because we have two songs to be featured here;  both requested  by readers.

First one is  a request from SriVidhya. Marugo marugo from Sadhileelavathi. This is a bit of an underrated comedy of Kamal, IMO. That too, the last few scenes with Kalpana, Ramesh Aravind and Kamal  are a riot. Also, that Coimbatore slang – love! This song itself brings out so much laughter. Kamal’s portions aside, I think Chithra to sing with this kind of voice modulation and all – hilarious. To watch, Kovai Sarala’s  expressions are super awesome! 🙂

Now for the next song. This is not a romantic song but when a super cute one year old wants a song, how can I not! Our super cute Volt wants Dandanakka from Romeo Juliet.

Indu aunty.. Along with todays romantic song will you also play dandanakka from Romeo Juliet as bonus? I really love it.. I sit in half crouched position and shake my bum everytime… TR fan Volt

Here we go Volt. Now, will you ask your Amma to send us a video of that bum-shaking please. Pretty Please. Because we are all a part of the Volt fans club!