For the last 2 days, I’ve been hooked to this song. No.. It’s not a new song. For some reason, I cannot get rid of it from my mind.

Unakkenna venum sollu and Idhayathi yedho ondru (both of them are a single song with just four charanams, IMO!) from Yennai Arindhal. It has an easy rhythm which sticks to you immediately. Most of the time, that’s how it is with Harris Jeyaraj. Sometimes, it  works; mostly it doesn’t. Thankfully, it works this time. Here, you have those caressing vocals. Benny Dayal is such an under appreciated singer IMO. But, for me the better of the two is Idhayathai Yedho Ondru because Chinmayee. She just carries this song with her voice. I would rank her voice just next only to  Shreya Ghosal and Shweta Mohan.

But.. According to me, the song(s) belong to Thamarai. Romantic relateable lyrics. That’s how it has been with her always when she teams up with Goutham Menon. Be it Vaseegara or Ondra  Renda or  Unakkul Nane… So many more.

Ithu Oru Kanavu Nilai
Kalaithida Virumbavillai
Kanavukkul Kanavaai
Ennai Naane KandEne

Enakkenna Vendum Endru
Oru Vaarthai Kelu Nindru
Ini Neeyum Naanum Ondru
Ena Sollum Naalum Indru


And, because Thala fans will pounce on me if I don’t mention him, I am bound to say he does look ok here. I actually liked the salt and pepper Thala more! But.. See, I have a caveat everywhere. Trisha just overshadows him like anything. I am not been a big fan of her but in this film she looks like a dream! And, I don’t even want to talk about Anushka. Those bangs were awful. Why Goutham?!

Happy Friday, you guys! Yay. Weekend is here.