I had no intention of posting today because laziness. But then, I was listening to this song while cooking and realized that it HAD to be posted. There is happiness. There is romance. There is drama. There is beauty of words and music.

Yes. I love this idiot. I love this lovable idioooottttt! 😀 Kadhal Kavidhaigal from Gopura Vaasalile.

Raja’s prelude and interludes makes this song what it is. The violin piece in the prelude is seriously God level. What else can I say. Then we have the lyrics. I am not sure if it was written by Vaali or Piraisoodan. Anyone?

MEgamondru NEril Ingu Vaazhtha Vanthathadi
Dhaagam Konda Bhoomi Nenjil SErthu Kondathadi
Ithu Thodarum Malarum Valarum
Ini Kanavum Ninaivum UnaiyE Thodarnthidum

Then, we have SPB and Chithra’s caressing vocals. Finally, the handsome Karthik on screen. Sigh. Also, the visuals of Bombay – beauty!