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We are at the ATM and trying to withdraw cash. Son spots a door behind the ATM machine and says,

‘You know what Amma. I think money comes from Appa’s office through a tunnel, into this door and gets into the ATM machine.’

Wow. That’s some logic!


While having lunch the other day, the kids were competing between themselves as to who finished their lunch first. As soon as Ammu finished and got up, Kuttan starts singing,

‘Yay. Yay. Yay. My sister is the winner. My sister is the winner.’

So much for making him eat his food quickly!


The husband’s shopping skills are legendary in our household. One day while the husband was grilling the salesman for details about a belt, the kids and I were window shopping. We spotted a few super heroes shirts and the son started bombarding me with questions.

Tell me who this is?

I don’t know.

What? You don’t know Hulk? Ok, at least you know who this is?

**Keeping one paavam face** No.

What? You don’t know Captain America also? **pointing at the third pic** At least do you know Iron Man?

Yeah right. (On a related note, I was reminded of this!)


Yesterday while playing at the park, the son came running to me crying.

‘Amma. One boy came to me and screamed in my ears. It is paining!’, he wailed. After he calmed down, I explained to him that he is older now and should not cry for such things.

‘So what should I do to that boy?’

‘Tell him to calm down.’

‘But I did. He didn’t calm down.’

‘Then, scream back at him.’

When daughter chips in, ‘But, screaming at someone else is bad no, Amma!’

Sigh. Time to lose the innocence and enter this big bad world.


So the son doesn’t eat beetroot and the daughter doesn’t like bitter gourd; while the reverse also holds good. I generally make these two on the same day so that peace is maintained in the house. One such day, the beetroot was more and got carried forward to the next day.

The son while eating, keeps a sad face and quips, ‘Amma. You only make stuff that Ammu likes. See. There’s beetroot. And, you don’t make anything that I like.’

After six years, bring it on.. The sibling comparison business.


I was taking a short nap a couple of days ago in the afternoon while the kids were playing between themselves in the other room. I got up a little later and went in to see what they were doing. They were quietly playing with their kitchen toys.

But then, Kuttan came to me and quietly said, ‘Amma, you know what I did when you were sleeping?’ My heart started beating rapidly. I turned around to see the medicine cabinet. Things looked intact. Then, the cupboard with the cosmetics. No change. The other one wasn’t crying; which meant no altercation. ‘What?’ I asked waiting for the answer with bated breath.

‘Can you see those glitter marks on Ammu’s Tee?’

‘Yes! Did you pull it out?’

‘Yeah. And, ate one to see how it tastes!’

‘What? ATE it? Aren’t you six and beeg and all? How can you do this?’

‘Ok. I did it by mistake. I just wanted to see how it tasted, Amma. That’s it.’

He was so cool that I lost mine. ‘Right. Go get ready. Let’s get ready to go to the doc. He’ll get that glitter thingie out.’

‘Amma. Stop. For this and all, no one goes to the doc.’

When all this drama is transpiring between the son and the mother, the daughter decides to jump in too.

‘Amma. It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have worn that glitter filled shirt. I will never ever wear it again! Will you stop asking him to go to the doc?’

What can poor Amma do against these siblings! The name is bond; sibling bond!


Note – I am so sorry for not being regular with the 100 romantic songs. For the time being, I will take a break until certain things in my mind settle down and then, come back with more musical romance. Really. I promise, ok! 🙂