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When R’s Mom asked me if I was willing to do a review of their Treasure box, I said why not. And, when the box arrived in the next two days, the kids were more than thrilled.

The box had a book, a painting kit, a recipe card and an app suggestion.

Our first stop was the book. Putul and the Dolphins. It was a cute book about how a little girl, Putul tries to save the dolphins but in turn gets saved by them. The kids, particularly my daughter, loved the book.

Then, the painting activity commenced. Thankfully, there were two sheets of paper and we painted away cheerfully. Who cares if the dolphins were upside down! 😉


We have carefully saved the recipe and app suggestion cards for future use!

Thank you, IMC. We really had so much fun with it. Treasure box is indeed a treasure! 🙂

If you wish to purchase it, you can buy it from their website here. It is available in both US and India for the age group between 2-7 years. I bet you’ll really like it!